June 14, 2010

TUTORIAL: How to make a NO-SEW Fairy Tutu

I made this tutu for my daughter to wear on my Bollywood Bling Anniversary Party a few weeks ago - The fuchsia pink really tied in with the kitsch party colour scheme!

Some funky fairy photos from our shoot :)

But as usual, I could not be asked to sew anything and just wanted a fun, quick tutu! I've seen countless tutututu tutorials around, but this one has the advantage of being a NO-SEW Fairy Tutu! :)

Plus, you can whip up a few different colors to give at parties etc..

* Measure your fairy's child's waist in elastic - I used about 5 1/2 meters of tulle but it may vary. Tulle is relatively inexpensive (I bough mine at €1.00/meter)
* Cut strips of a bout 20cm wide x 40 cm long. Again the length will depend on how tall your fairy child is!
* Tie one end of the elastic to a pole or door knob whilst you work
* Do a knot as shown by the pictures to secure each strip of tulle to the elastic, pulling tigh each time
* Carry on until you've covered the entire length of the elastic. You can add different tulle colours too!
* Tie the ends together and voilĂ ! :)

You can now embellish the tutu with a real fairy and fairy wand!!  :)
Great for last minute Halloween costume ideas! ;)

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