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Honey Bee-Day Inspired Birthday Party

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Honey Bee-Day Inspired Birthday Party -

Hi all, how was the weekend? Hot, did you say? Too right!!
But today I bring you a nice, refreshing, summery party that we threw for friend's on the weekend!! Yay!

I even baked the cake myself! Uh-huh!! And I mean the whole nine yards - Sponge, filling and frosting!!! In 300 degrees heat!!! Double bonus it has been featured on Parenting Magazine and site! :)

Honey Bee-Day Inspired Birthday Party

I've got a couple of tutorials and the cake recipe to share yet, but today is just the party photos.

Our friends are visiting from London, and I had finished the Honey Bee Party Collection just in time for their daughter's birthday. But this bumble bee party theme would be great for an adult party too!

We had the party outside in the gardens as we had a nice little breeze under the trees. I decorated the place with yellow crepe paper pompoms which I got from my dear friend Martha (read Stewart) and I shall share with your soon. :)

The tables were covered in a cute yellow hearts tablecloth, which was really just fabric my sister sent me from Rio!

I also used the bunting and all the party templates and supplies from the Honey Bee Party Kit to decorate the tables and the garden walls. I say was a big pile of chestnut logs that acted as a backdrop to the sweets and drinks table, and a huge oak tree behind the cake table! :) 

Honey Bee-Day Inspired Birthday Party -

In the morning, we popped out to get some favor bag treats (little pots of artisan honey from the supermarket, honey sweets and honey lip-balm!). We also stopped by a neighboring farm to get some sunflowers! They are soooooo beautiful in "real" life in the fields all around us. We are so lucky to see them this year, as normally is just plain, old cattle hay in the fields! 

Honey Bee-Day Inspired Birthday Party - BirdsParty.comHoney Bee-Day Inspired Birthday Party -

So the décor was pretty simple, summery, yellow and fresh! As for the desserts table, the sweets were honey boiled sweets that I placed in glass candy jars and little yellow, metal buckets I already had at home.

Honey Bee-Day Inspired Birthday Party -

We also had plenty of chocolate covered treats (which were placed in the shade btw.) that I displayed in candy jars, decorated with party labels, jar wrappers from the Honey Bee Party Collection and some polka dot ribbon.

Honey Bee-Day Inspired Birthday Party -

The tipple of the day was pure and simple home-made lemonade, sweetened with honey and OJ. decanted to cute vintage bottles. I wrote "Honey" on one of the fancy labels just to for fun! :)

Honey Bee-Day Inspired Birthday Party -

My children were so the helpful little bees at the party, and I even dressed my little girl in yellow gingham floaty dress for the occasion! :)

Honey Bee-Day Inspired Birthday Party -

 The kids and adults had cute little party hats also from the Honey Bee party Collection, and they were a real party talking point. I guess party hats are becoming a "vintage" party items these days? It felt quite retro to be wearing polka dot party hats...especially at the tender age of 30! :)

Honey Bee-Day Inspired Birthday Party -

Oh, one of the things that added a cute touch  everywhere were little, adhesive wooden bees. I bought those ages ago for €1 and used them everywhere, even to decorate the paper plates. See? It pays to be a hoarder after all!! :)

Honey Bee-Day Inspired Birthday Party -

That's all for today folks, but come back tomorrow for a really sweet tutorial! :)

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