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Rainbow Birthday Party with Printables

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Rainbow Birthday Party with Printables -

The skies are getting grey, the weather is getting colder...and I'm longing for warmth, brightness and colour!! Hence the latest party collection in the shop: a fun Rainbow Party Printables!!

Check out allt he fun shoot stylign ideas, DIY decorations, printabels, favor and food below!

Rainbow Birthday Party with Printables -

Rainbow Birthday Party Cupcakes -

Rainbow Birthday Party with Printables and party desserts table -

Rainbow Birthday Party with Printables DIY decorations -

Rainbow Birthday Party: Styling & Printables

You may remember this party collection from a while back, but as I am re-designing quite a few of my Party Collections in the shop, I thought why not start with a splash of color to brighten our winter parties?! :)

The idea here was to re-create a bright, fun and colorful printable collection that can be used for other popular party themes such as an  Art Party, a Crafts Party, St Patrick's Day Birthday or why not, a Wizard of Oz party?! - Just add a gingham blue tablecloth here, some hay bales there, a basket full of treats...and you're ready to click your heels! ;)

Rainbow Birthday Party with Printables styling -

My little girl was off school the day of the shoot, and she could not get her hands away from the tables (and candy!!) -  Hey Dad, I know you're reading and this one's for you! hehe

Rainbow Birthday Party with Printables table -

And there it is...the sugar rush, folks! :)

Rainbow Birthday Party with Printables: DIY Decorations & Crepe paper DIY Tablecloth

The tablecloth was entirely handmade using a LOT of crepe paper and double-sided tape. All I did was rows of tape to a white paper tablecloth, and keep adding the crepe paper layering on top of each previous layer, following the colors of the rainbow. Then used more tape to secure it around the rim of  the tables.

The clear, customizable baubles cost only about $1 for the larger ones from a craft store and I filled them with scraps of the crepe paper. They can also be filled with candy, fake snow at Xmas and little party favors too! They really helped to make the backdrop more interesting and in-keeping with the rainbow, clouds theme don't you think?!

Rainbow Birthday Party with Printables -

Just some rainbow trivia before I leave: I have a mnemonic to remember the colors of the rainbow and their orders and it goes like this "Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain" - So at the very least, you've learned your Rainbow colors today! YAY!!  :)

If you feel like painting a Rainbow on your next party, then get your Rainbow Party Printables, complete with CUSTOMIZABLE templates (yes, customizable by you digitally at home!)

Rainbow Birthday Party with Printables: Party Summary

Party theme: Rainbow, Wizard of Oz, Art Party, St Patrick's Day Party, Crafts Party
Color Palette: Colors of the rainbow
Design Icons: Rainbow, clouds, polka dots and rainbow stripes

Rainbow Birthday Party with Printables: Party Credits

Party Printable Design and Styling: Bird's Party
Model: My lil' munchkin :)

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