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Rainbow Birthday Party with Printables

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Rainbow Birthday Party with Printables -

The skies are getting grey, the weather is getting colder...and I'm longing for warmth, brightness and colour!! Hence the latest party collection in the shop: a fun Rainbow Party Printables!!

Check out allt he fun shoot stylign ideas, DIY decorations, printabels, favor and food below!

Rainbow Birthday Party with Printables -

Rainbow Birthday Party Cupcakes -

Rainbow Birthday Party with Printables and party desserts table -

Rainbow Birthday Party with Printables DIY decorations -

Rainbow Birthday Party: Styling & Printables

You may remember this party collection from a while back, but as I am re-designing quite a few of my Party Collections in the shop, I thought why not start with a splash of color to brighten our winter parties?! :)

The idea here was to re-create a bright, fun and colorful printable collection that can be used for other popular party themes such as an  Art Party, a Crafts Party, St Patrick's Day Birthday or why not, a Wizard of Oz party?! - Just add a gingham blue tablecloth here, some hay bales there, a basket full of treats...and you're ready to click your heels! ;)

Rainbow Birthday Party with Printables styling -

My little girl was off school the day of the shoot, and she could not get her hands away from the tables (and candy!!) -  Hey Dad, I know you're reading and this one's for you! hehe

Rainbow Birthday Party with Printables table -

And there it is...the sugar rush, folks! :)

Rainbow Birthday Party with Printables: DIY Decorations & Crepe paper DIY Tablecloth

The tablecloth was entirely handmade using a LOT of crepe paper and double-sided tape. All I did was rows of tape to a white paper tablecloth, and keep adding the crepe paper layering on top of each previous layer, following the colors of the rainbow. Then used more tape to secure it around the rim of  the tables.

The clear, customizable baubles cost only about $1 for the larger ones from a craft store and I filled them with scraps of the crepe paper. They can also be filled with candy, fake snow at Xmas and little party favors too! They really helped to make the backdrop more interesting and in-keeping with the rainbow, clouds theme don't you think?!

Rainbow Birthday Party with Printables -

Just some rainbow trivia before I leave: I have a mnemonic to remember the colors of the rainbow and their orders and it goes like this "Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain" - So at the very least, you've learned your Rainbow colors today! YAY!!  :)

If you feel like painting a Rainbow on your next party, then get your Rainbow Party Printables, complete with CUSTOMIZABLE templates (yes, customizable by you digitally at home!)

Rainbow Birthday Party with Printables: Party Summary

Party theme: Rainbow, Wizard of Oz, Art Party, St Patrick's Day Party, Crafts Party
Color Palette: Colors of the rainbow
Design Icons: Rainbow, clouds, polka dots and rainbow stripes

Rainbow Birthday Party with Printables: Party Credits

Party Printable Design and Styling: Bird's Party
Model: My lil' munchkin :)

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  1. Amazing! I love all the colors, the hanging orbs and of course - the TABLE SKIRT!!

  2. I really love this one! My girls' birthays are in March but i don't know if i can keep myself from purchasing this set until then!

  3. You know I scanned pretty much the entire internet when I did our art party (thanks again) and I saw that table cloth, but could not figure out a no-sew option. BRILLIANT! I wish I had thought of it! And the rainbow party looks stunning. Great pictures!

  4. Uau! Que festa maravilhosa! A festa da minha filha terá como tema "Jardim colorido da Amanda" e usarei no painel as cores do arco-íris. Uma pena ter conhecido seu blog a pouco tempo... Poderia deixar a festa da minha filha mais linda ainda!
    Mas... me diga uma coisa: você também tem kits em português ou somente em inglês?

    Wow! What a wonderful party! The party of my daughter is entitled "Garden Colorful Amanda" and the panel will use the colors of the rainbow. A shame to have known your blog shortly ... Could leave the party for my daughter even more beautiful!
    But ... tell me one thing: you also have kits in Portuguese or English only?

  5. Silvia obrigada! :)
    Kits também em Portugues ;)

  6. I've often looked at that ruffle skirt, and never would have thought it was just double sided tape and crepe paper! Genius!

    I love all the colors, and can totally see how this collection is so versatile!

  7. Thank you PartyMom! you can sew the layers too, but I'm lazy, and this way works a treat also! :)

  8. Your posts are darn cute!! Have a happy weekend. xx

  9. As great as ever! I just wanted to drop a note that I featured some of your printables for FREEday.

    Have a great weekend!


  10. Love, love, love it! You did such a great job. The tablecloth and "clouds" are fabulous.

  11. Thank you Amanda!! So sweet of you!
    I'm following...


  12. I love this party! SO festive and fun, you did a great job with it:)

  13. I featured your darling rainbow loveliness in my roundup!

  14. I featured your darling rainbow loveliness in my roundup!

  15. Love the table cloth and every thing else. Your daughter is adorable!

    I am having a giveaway on my blog. $35 credit + free shipping from Paige Holliday designs to get any one custom designed trendy backpack for your little darling.

  16. I just found your blog and shop for the first time. And seriously, my mind is exploding from all the creative inspiration you have given me! Thank you for sharing your ideas! To bad I only have one kid!

  17. Hi Wendy! Thanks so much! Comments like yours are what makes my job so pleasurable! :)

    Have a fab weekend!

  18. Hi! Stumbled on your blog trying to find rainbow party ideas. LOVE that table skirt! Can I ask what size crepe paper you used? I can only find the streamers and then 20" wide x 2 yds long paper "folds". Any help is much appreciated!

    1. Hi Amy, I sued the large ones too. I should do a tutorial but for now here goes:

      1) Star with a white paper tablecloth that fits around the rim of your table. 2) Lay the paper on the floor and add double-sided tape along the top all the way across the length then add your red crepe layer, "crimping" folds as you go until you run out of red. Carry on until the length is covered.
      3) The next layer will be orange so you just repeat the same process as 1 and 2 above, starting half way down the width of the red mayer..
      4) carry on for all the colors or until you reach the desired height of skirt.

      If you run out of the 20yrds, just carry on with some more, right next to it. Because they are all "crimpled" you won't notice.

      Hope this helps! :)


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