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How to Make a DIY Paper Pinwheel Cupcake Topper

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How to Make a DIY Paper Pinwheel Cupcake Topper -

My dad's in town (woo-hoo!!) and he's been seriously helping me out! Not only he plays with the kids, does the washing up (by choice..), but he also inspires me artistically and actually lends a hand with my party photo shoots and party printable work - Needless to say, the kids are over the moon and so am I! :)

How to Make a DIY Paper Pinwheel Cupcake Topper

Incidentally, I've been  putting together a quick tutorial to share with you, and I thought a little video (aided by my dad off course) to accompany the photos might actually make fun blog material! WARNING: Do not view whilst driving...may induce serious sleepiness!!!!! Oh, and you can also turn the volume off... :)

How to Make a DIY Paper Pinwheel Cupcake Topper -

And just so you know, my hands are not usually that manly...they're my dad's.

 For a less painful alternative, here's a step-by-step tutorial :)

How to Make a DIY Paper Pinwheel Cupcake Topper -

These paper pinwheels WILL spin in the wind, but if you want a pinwheel only for decoration, use flat brads instead of metal pins and hot glue them in place...

1. You'll need paper, scissors, metal pins or brads, ruler and wooden cupcake picks or skewer
2. I am using the chili patterned paper from our Pinata Fiesta Printable Collection - I printed designs on both sides of an A4 sheet - Print one side, then place the same sheet back in the printer drawer (do a test first to see which way it prints...) then print the other design on the opposite side.
3. Cut squares of desired size - The bigger the square, the bigger the pinwheel. For  pinwheel cupcake toppers, we used a 8cm x 8cm square (approx. 3" x 3")
4. Draw a cross (from corner to corner) and draw small circle (not an exact science here..) in the center of your square
5. Cut along the lines until you reach the circle - Do NOT cut all the way through...
6. Fold tabs inwards and secure with the metal pins.

To use the paper pinwheels as outdoors party decorations, we then pressed the pins onto a wooden skewer - Alternatively, you can hot glue the pinwheels to lollipop sticks or cupcake picks and use them as cake toppers on your birthday cakes and party cupcakes!

How to Make a DIY Paper Pinwheel Cupcake Topper -

Hope you've enjoyed it - It certainly was fun making the video and laughing our pants off afterward!
Thanks a lot dad, you're the best! ;)

Click here to download your Pinata printables!

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