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Lolo's Street: A Sesame Street Inspired Party in Central Park!!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011C Riches

LV is  a dear and very talented friend, and when she asked me to help design some of the printables for her adorable twins' birthday party (Lolo) I jumped at the chance!! 

These designs are NOT for sale, but I took great pleasure in brainstorming with LV to create some of the funnest (made up word..) printables ever for Lolo's 2nd Birthday Party in Central Park!! :)

Check out the cuteness below...including a DIY Teepee Puppet Theater made by LV herself!!

LV used the printables to make favor bags, picnic food labels, banner and some pretty darn cute, T-Shirt party favors for the kiddies!! :)

This is such a fun, fab party, and I'm thrilled to have been a tiny part of Lolo's special day!!
LV, I especially LOVED the bloomers you were wearing for the day!! ;D

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  1. So ridiculously adorable. I love all the bright details. Seriously charming.

  2. What fun and so colorful. Must have been a great party.

  3. Cris, que tema mais lindo! E a escolha do local nãopoderia ser melhor.

    Não sei se vc sabe, mas estou em domínio próprio agora. Se vc puder atualizar o endereço do link do seu blogroll, eu agradeço muito.

    Um cheiro,

  4. This is just so adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Clau é automatico, nao prcisa, pois se vc colocar o enderço que me deu, o blogger diz que nao detecta um feed URL. Mas se vc for ver no meu blogroll, esta apontando para o novo site, sem problema ;)


  6. Love that teepee! I'm sure the kids did, too!

  7. Sesame Street is so loved by kids and this really helps moms show how they can give their kids a cool party with characters they love! LOVE this!

  8. Would your friend who did the party above be interested in coordinating a picnic for me in CP.


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