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Real Parties: A Lovely, Lemon Ladies Luncheon

Wednesday, September 21, 2011C Riches

I know summer is over, but we can reminisce, right? :) 

This stunning Lemon Party by the gorgeous, talented Mindy and Crystal over from Creative Juice, was sent in to us a while back and I apologize again to them for not posting it sooner! BUT, I'm sure all our fabulous southern hemisphere readers will appreciate this "seasonal" treat even more, right?! ;)

Check out the gorgeous details below...

Thanks for submitting your fabulous party here, ladies!! Check out the Creative Juice blog for more fun party ideas and yummy recipes on this party!


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  1. OI, Cris,
    Que festa linda, tão diferente e criativa!

  2. OI, Cris,
    Que festa linda, tão diferente e criativa!

  3. so beautiful! all that yellow puts a huge bright smile on my face!

  4. I am a HUGE lemon fan. Had an event in the Spring with all lemon based items. Love this!

  5. This was an amazing party. I was invited and Mindy did a fabulious job. It will impress any of your friends and cheer up any sad moods.
    - Alix


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