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Real Parties: A Glam Barbie Birthday Party

Monday, October 17, 2011C Riches

Happy Monday my friends! Today we're going all pink here at Bird's Party, and to kick things off, a gorgeous, pink and black, and totally handmade Barbie Birthday Party created and styled by one of our sweet readers, Rina!

Check out the beautiful details as told by Rina...

Inspiration and Party Details:

My daughter's birthday party was based on her favorite book "Barbie and a Fairy Fashiontale". My pictures start out with the paris themed dessert table. Then I added the main "STAR" table where each girl had a personalized name tags. I created most of the decor and desserts myself, with the help of family and frineds.

The Barbie Cake was from Publix Supermarket, the Tutus, hot pink daisy flowers, and boas from Halo Haven.

The French Poodle cookies, Eiffel tower cookie, cupcakes, French Trifel and wrapped up Hersey's candy bars; all done by myself and help from my friends Jigna  and Asmita. Water bottle labels, juice box labels, food tags, station signs, names tags on the gift bags were all designed by myself.

Party Activities and Favors:

We had 4 main stations for the birthday party. First station was the "Tutu" station, where each girl got dressed into their tutus with a hot pink daisy flower attached to their top. 

Then the girls were headed to the "Makeup Studio" where each girl got a barbie tattoo on their arms, a hand made pink necklace, hair tied up in a pony tail with pink ribbon and glittery makeup. 

We used Loreal lipgloss and L.A. Eyeshadow from the Dollar Tree and for the fabulous necklaces, we bought spools of pink beads from Joann's, Cut the beads and hand stitched ribbon to each end to make the necklace. Nail polishes and nail art work stickers from Walmart.

The funky Barbie Tattoos from Party City, Glittery body spray from Claire's and Bath and Body Works (Paris themed bottles) and Spool of pink ribbon for girls ponytail were from Michael's. Glittery body powder from Victoria's Secrets.

We also had a "Design me Glamorous" station where the girls embellished their own individual Barbie Gown!

Black and Pink satin fabric (for the hand made Barbie dresses) black & silver ribbons (used as belts for the dress), spools of silver bead chain (cut them up in small pieces for the barbie necklace) all pink and silver flower gems for the dress and the silver and hot pink bows (that went on top of the belt) from Joann Fabrics.

The hangers were hand made by my husband Prashant, who used jewelry wire from Joann's. The plastic mannequin and the hot pink sofa is my daughters old toys. The gowns were hand stitched with the help of my friends mom - Best experience! :)

I had made embellishment kits for each girl which included a necklace, gems for the gowns, ribbon for the belt, pink or hot pink flower to be attached onto the ribbon, and a few barbie stickers. 

For the "Designer Flip Flops" station where each girl was given a pair of pink flip flops and they designed them with flowers and pink and hot pink gems. 

They were ready to head to the final station and get their nails painted in pink or hot pink nailpolish. Each girl also got a few nail stickers and gems as an accent. The grande finale: "The Fashion Show" each girl had their makeup, hair, shoes, and nails done they were ready to hit the runway.

For the final "Fashion Show", I had a pink runner as each guest entered into the house. The pink runner had silver and black stars with each girls names on it, like a true superstar!

Each girl received a pink or hot pink boa to walk down the runner along with their glamed up barbie doll. We had fun music playing in the background and parents cheering all the girls as they lined up for the catwalk. All the girls had a blast on the runway. Last but not the least we ended the party with freeze dance. ALL THE GIRLS LOVED IT!!!

WOW!! Thank you Rina for sharing your stunning work and Aanya's special day with us!

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