December 19, 2011

Cake it Pretty TUTORIAL: Edible Hot Cocoa Mug Mini-Desserts!

These adorable little mugs of hot cocoa are super easy to make! This one was actually my daughter's idea!  She spotted this idea in her American Girl Magazine! We did a twist and dipped the whole marshmallow into chocolate! YUM!!

What you'll need:

* regular size marshmallows, 
* mini marshmallows, 
* mini candy cane pieces for handles, 
* sugar sprinkles
* melting chocolate bar or choc chips

1. Simply melt the chocolate as directed and dip the marshmallow into the melted chocolate. 
2. Adding embellishments: I made them in two ways - I added the candy canes and the mini marshmallow when the chocolate was still melted and  I also did it when the chocolate was hard. Even though it was harder when the chocolate was still melted, the results looked a lot better! 
3. Using more melted chocolate, attach handle (candy cane) 
4. Then add the toppings to your mini cocoa mug!

We also made some the same way as the American Girl Magazine. A lot easier but just as cute!

Happy Holidays! :)

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