January 20, 2012

TUTORIAL: DIY Paper Globe Garland

Happy New Year everyone! It's Christine from Pure Joy Events.

Today I'll show you how to make the paper globe garland featured in the holiday issue of Bird's Party Magazine - The handcrafted paper globes were used to adorn a Lunar New Year dessert table, but simply switch out the patterned paper, and they make fabulous decorations for any occasion.

For this DIY project, you'll need:

* 6 sheets of patterned scrapbook paper from Bird's Party Lunar New Year printable collection (makes 3 paper globes)
* scrapbooking wire
* glue stick
* bone folder
* 2" round paper cutter
* triangle template (download here)
* cardstock

First, cut out 20 circles from the scrapbook paper. Print the triangle template on cardstock and cut it out. Center the template on top of each circle and score along the sides.

Fold along the scored lines. Take 5 pieces and glue the points together as shown to form the top of the globe. Repeat to create the bottom.

Take 10 pieces and glue them as shown. Then glue the first piece to the last one to form the middle section.

Lastly, glue the top and bottom pieces to the middle piece. Repeat the steps above to make 2 more globes. To create a garland, thread the scrapbooking wire through the tiny gaps of each paper globe.

Tutorial Photos By 6 Bittersweets

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