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Cake it Pretty: DIY Owl Cupcake Fondant Toppers

Monday, May 14, 2012C Riches

This cute little Owl Fondant would make a great embellishment to any cupcake or dessert, and would make a cute party addition or teacher cupcakes! 

Although Teacher's Appreciation has just gone, we can always Pin it for next year, right?! ;)
Get the full tutorial below...

What you'll need:

* Red, white, grey, lilac, yellow, green and brown sugar paste fondant
* Water
* Small Paintbrush (for food use only)
* Black edible ink pen

How to make it:

1. make medium ball for the body with white fondant
2. pinch two side of the top for make ears
3. it will look like the photo
4. cut lilac fondant attach to the body with water using your paintbrush
5. make wings out of yellow fondant: cut a circle then cut in half with a sharp knife to make a half moo, shape, then attach to body with water and paintbrush
6. draw eyes with edible pen
7. make beak from brown fondant and small headband with red fondant balls

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  1. So cute! looks adorable on top the cupcake :)

  2. This cake topper is so sweet!! Thanks for the tutorial. Definitely going to be trying this out with my daughters over the weekend.

  3. How long ahead of time can you prepare the fondant toppers? How to store them?

    1. You can make them weeks or a year in advance! Store at room temp, away from sunlight or moisture. Do NOT chill!


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