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TUTORIALS: Big Top Circus Party - Circus Tent Favor Boxes

Tuesday, June 19, 2012C Riches


As promised, here's the second of our trio of Big Top Party Tutorials: DIY Circus Tent Favor Boxes. I came up with these ideas for my kid's Big Top Circus birthday party last year (you can see the full party here).

Circus Tent Favor Boxes:

* Paper Maché hexagonal or round boxes with lids (sold at craft stores)
* Scrapbook paper ( I printed mine out into white matte cardstock, using the printable scrapbook patterns sold here)
* Scissors
* Double-sided tape
* Hot glue
* Pom-poms
* Acrylic paint in yellow, red and blue
* Paint brush
* Masking tape

1. Mask each part you color in a different shade to avoid colors running together or smudging. Then paint each box as you like and let it dry.

2. Mark and cut a circle to fit the lid of your box, out of the scrapbook paper from our Big Top Circus Printables. Make a slit from the edge to the center of the circle and fold slightly to form a dome. Stick edges with double-sided tape.

3. Once your box is dry, simply hot glue the paper domes to the lid of the box, and decorate the top of each box with a pom pom (from most craft stores). Use box to dish out candy or trinkets.

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