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DIY Halloween Candy & Lollipop Party Centerpiece

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DIY Halloween Candy & Lollipop Party Centerpiece -

Centerpieces for your Halloween table do not have to be complicated, nor expensive.  But they CAn be edible! ;)

With the use of a few party printables and materials you probably already have around the home, you can create a super sweet and very practical centerpiece, that also doubles as a Candy Party Favor Holder! ;)

DIY Halloween Candy & Lollipop Party Centerpiece

Materials Needed:

* Printable Halloween candy and party tags to fit standard 2.5 inch lollipops
* Swirl Lollipops (I used 2.5 inch diameter pops)
* 2 inch and 2.5 inch round paper punchers
* Matching Ribbon
* Rectangular container ( I used a white ceramic planter)
* Green Sixlets or Gumm Balls (or any other color you fancy)
* Double sided tape or hot glue
* Floral foam or a piece of polystyrene block to fit container

DIY Halloween Candy & Lollipop Party Centerpiece -

How to make your DIY Halloween candy centerpiece:

1) Make a paper rosette with the Halloween scrapbooking paper, and secure a 2 inch round Halloween tag to the center.

2) Punch out the 2.5 inch printable candy tags and secure to the front of your lollipops with double-sided tape. Tie a little piece of matching ribbon to the stick.

3) Print off another sheet of patterned scrap-booking Halloween paper, and cut in half width-ways to get strips of paper that you can wrap around the candy container (Use 2 strips end-to-end if necessary). Secure at the back with tape.

4) Wrap the papers and ribbon around the container. Then insert the floral foam into the container, and stick the lollipops into it. Fill with candy balls and display! 

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