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Halloween Kids Crafts | DIY Little Monster Candy Baubles

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Halloween Kids Crafts | DIY Little Monster Candy Baubles -

Ok, so I know the title says Halloween Kid's Craft, but really, I had so much fun doing these myself that I know even grown ups will enjoy! ;)

If you have a pair of little hands around, then great! If not, these cute little monster baubles make for great trick or treat packaging, Halloween party favors, as hanging decorations on a centerpiece or desert table spooky tree, and off course spooktacular gifts for teachers, classmates, neighbors or anyone who likes candy!!

Halloween Kids Crafts | DIY Little Monster Candy Baubles 

I based the look of the little monsters candy baubles on the designs I created for our Little Monster Cupcakes Printables: Spider, Mummy and Frankenstein Little Monster Cupcake. So if you already have them, you can co-ordinate the decor to match - Handy or what?!! ;)

I had these acrylic/plastic baubles left over from Christmas, and they are so versatile!! Combined with some inexpensive electrical tape, you don't even have to be very crafty to crate these little spooky candy decorations! 

Materials needed:

* Plastic baubles - The ones that have 2 halves (from most craft store or online)
* Green, White and Orange candy - OR you could use bath balls, or other non-edible goodies?
* Black and White Electrical tape
* Hot glue
* Scissors - Best ones for cutting sticky tape is titanium scissors (they don't stick), but any would do.
* Google Eyes - From most craft store or online
* Black straws for spider candy favors
* Ribbon to match 

Halloween Kids Crafts | DIY Little Monster Candy Baubles -

How to make your Little Monster Halloween Party Favor Baubles:

1) Open and fill plastic baubles with candy until its full. TIP: Support the baubles onto plastic cupcake cases or a cup to keep them upright whilst you work. Then hot glue the googly eye on the front and face detailing using the black and white electrical tape - Great thing about electrical tape is that it's easily peeled off should you make a mistake! ;)

2) Cut the hair for the Frankenstein cupcake ball out of black tape, making a rough zigzag shape as you cut. Stick it onto the green candy bauble.

3) For the orange spider candy bauble, cut 8 black straws at an angle to make them look like pointy legs, then stick them to the bauble with hot glue. be sure NOT to stick them along the opening  otherwise your candy will be trapped inside, which defeats the point ;)

4) If you're using these candy baubles as Halloween party favors or gifts, then tie a matching ribbon on top and a matching little monster cupcake printable favor tag. Alternatively, hang them up as Halloween dessert table decor or centerpiece from a spooky tree or from the ceiling with little hooks!

Halloween Kids Crafts | DIY Little Monster Candy Baubles -

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