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White Winter Wonderland Christmas Party Tablescape

I styled for and photographed this White Winter Wonderland party last year for Bird's Party Magazine Winter 2011 issue, but never got round to sharing the extra photos, nor the white menu I created! 

This was one of my fave parties to style, so serene and magical - Makes a nice change from my usual colorful tablescapes! Hope you enjoy the ideas, and come back tomorrow for the white recipes! :)

White Winter Wonderland Christmas Party Tablescape
White Winter Wonderland Christmas Party Tablescape

White Winter Wonderland Christmas Party: Party Inspiration and Printables

'Dreaming of a White Christmas' was my inspiration. We ♥ snow, and the idea of styling a complete white party seemed very appropriate to bring the snow inside at any cost! :) 

Inspired by snowfall and cosy winter days, I chose a white color palette to reflect a crisp, pristine but also very cozy look with a touch of glam - But without breaking the bank!

By mixing different textures, from fabrics, to paper, glass and ceramic, wool and fleece; you can create a monochrome white look without making it look too clinical. The addition of candles and mirrored tiles on the table, helped to bounce light around and add warmth to the whole set up.

White Winter Wonderland Christmas Party Printables and DIY Decor
White Winter Wonderland Christmas Party Printables and Styling

I used lots giant white baubles (from local 'dollar store') from Christmas decor as a centerpiece with fairy lights from my Christmas tree to illuminate the ensemble. The baubles were very dramatic, but still low enough so you can see your guests. White, simple china with crisp white napkins and, "special occasion" glassware and silver flatware were chosen, and an organza tablecloth on top of a white, linen one to add another cosy layer. For coasters I used round mirrored tiles from my local hardware store.

White Winter Wonderland Christmas Party Printables
White Winter Wonderland Christmas Party Printables and Decor

My chairs were chestnut wood color, but I wanted white! So to cover them up I used soft blankets and fleece cushions that the guest could also use to wrap themselves if it's a little chillier. The beauty here is that the blankets and cushions can be used again in the home.

A glass cupcake stand was used to prop up the candles and the end of the table, and paper snowflakes and clear baubles filed with fake snow are hung from the ceiling in front of the window. 

White Winter Wonderland Christmas Party: Winter Wonderland Party Printables and Styling

Designing a white printable collection is not easy, so I included shades of light grey to the designs. The main design icon here was a deer, featured on all the printables templates - It gives it a seasonal, classy touch, without being over the top.

White Winter Wonderland Christmas Party Printables

The preciousness of Holiday parties and entertaining is emulated also by the damask grey pattern used throughout the collection. The great thing about this printable collection is that you are able to edit some of the templates with your own text!

The Winter Wonderland printable party collection including editable menu cards, editable buffet cards, gift tags, printable greetings cards that can also double as invites, cupcake toppers and patterned scrapbook paper. I find there's so much you can do with party printables, and your imaginations is the limit!

White Winter Wonderland Christmas Party: White Party Menu: 

Spending lots of cash or time in food preparation does not mean your guests will enjoy the party more. So I decided to jazz up simple, every day ingredients  and recipes to make them a little more special but totally do-able and budget friendly too! The color palette and choice of menu was also to reflect the white, crisp colors of the party. 

White Winter Wonderland Christmas Party Menu

Starters: Mushroom Cappuccino with Parmesan Tuiles

Main: Turbot baked in olive oil

Desserts: The luxury here is to have a choice of 2 dishes so I create a Bûche de Noël (White Yule Log) and a Chestnut Montblanc. A simple Yule log is dressed for the occasion with some stunning edible snowflakes and a white poinsettia by Belle Cake Topper and Mould.

White Winter Wonderland Christmas Party

White Winter Wonderland Christmas Party: White Party Favors and Hostess Gifts 

In-keeping with the theme, guests can take home clear baubles with coconut meringues inside, and a stunning and oh-so scrumptious decorated cookie snowflakes (with edible glitter!) from Allyson Jane Designer Deserts, which were wrapped in white muslin and tied with a silver ribbon and a party tag from Bird's Party.

For another version on how to use these printables with a red and silver palette, see Bird's Party Magazine Winter 2012 issue here.

White Winter Wonderland Christmas Party: Party Credits

Party styling, Food and Photography: Bird at Bird's Party
Winter Wonderland Party Printables: Bird's Party
Decorated Snowflake Cookies: Allyson Jane Designer Desserts
Edible Cake Decor: Belle Cake Topper and Mould

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    1. everything is white with the world!

  2. This just take my breath away...<3

  3. Beautiful party!! I love how you "brought" in the snow in such a stylish and charming way. You rock! And how about the amazing food? I've done a porcini cappuccino many years ago, maybe it's time to have it back on the menu, so yummy and comforting winter food, isn't it? Beijo, Flavia (

  4. Just magical! Have a wonderful holiday season!

  5. This is beautiful! My daughter's Sweet 16 is next month. We're planning a "Winter Wonderland" themed party. We already decided we are putting in an ice rink in our backyard (for anyone who wants to nab the idea, it isn't that complex. You just need wood, rink liner, water, and if it isn't cold enough outside, a chiller rental). I have been trying to decide on what to do for the indoor festivities, and I think a "white" banquet would be fantastic. I am going to run this idea by my daughter. Thank you for the inspiration!

  6. Such a stunning table and marvelous menu!! Love every detail!!!


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