February 1, 2013

Cake it Pretty: Super-Easy Super-Bowl Cupcakes

Just in time for Sunday! ;)

Super-Easy Super-Bowl Cupcakes


* Cupcakes, made per your favorite recipe
* Cream cheese or butter cream icing, made per your favorite recipe
* Sweetened coconut flakes
* Green gel food coloring
* Fondant icing
* Brown gel food coloring
* Circle cookie cutter


Make a batch of cupcakes using your favorite recipe. Pipe cream cheese or butter cream icing onto the cupcakes, leaving aside a little extra icing for the final step of this recipe.

1. To make the “grass”, mix the coconut flakes with a few drops of green gel food coloring. If you have trouble getting the color to spread evenly, add a few drops of water. Top your cupcakes with the grass.

2. Add a few drops of brown gel food coloring to a small ball of fondant icing and kneed. Roll out and cut into circles using the cookie cutter.

3. Off-set the cookie cutter and cut through each circle again. You’ll end up with a football shape.

4. Pipe the lacing onto the football using a fine tip and the icing you set aside. Place the fondant football on top of the “grass”.

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