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DIY and Sparkly Heart Soap Handmade Gift

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Easy DIY and Sparkly Heart Soap Handmade Gift -

My husband is not a sweet kinda guy. I'm mean, he's very sweet as a husband, he just doesn't like eating sweet things. So my baking cookies or cakes on Valentine's Day is wasted on him. This is why handmade, cute, scented, sparkly, heart-shaped LOVE soap is the perfect DIY gift for him!

But if the words handmade soap sound scary, then fear not - I'm using 'Melt and Pour' Soap base, so it's super quick and easy! ;)

Easy DIY and Sparkly Heart Soap Handmade Gift -

Easy DIY and Sparkly Heart Soap

Ingredients and Materials Needed: Makes about 10 medium sized hearts

* 500g of Melt and Pour Soap Base - Clear
* 1 Teaspoon of Natural Soap Dye Powder: I used one of each Pink, Red and White Shimmer
* Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter
* Few Drops of Essential Oils of your choice  - 'Men' scents are quite cool! :)
* Love Soap Stamp
* Heat Proof Bowl
* Flexible 20cm Square Baking Pan
* Soap Mold of Your choice (Optional)
* Hammer
* Gift Boxes
* Printable Gift Tags

Easy DIY and Sparkly Heart Soap Handmade Gift -


1) Pour your soap base in a heat proof bowl and melt in the microwave at 1 minute increments, stirring in between with a metal spoon. A 500g block only took about 3 minutes on high. To speed things up you may want to grate or shave the soap base block first, but I didn't bother.

2) When soap is fully melted, add the dye and scent and stir. I added a tea spoon of each color, but you may want to add less or more depending on color desired. TIP: Soap starts setting as soon as you take it out of the heat. If it solidifies a bit, put it back in the microwave or on a very low heat for a few seconds to melt again.

Easy DIY and Sparkly Heart Soap Handmade Gift -

Easy DIY and Sparkly Heart Soap Handmade Gift -

3) Pour melted soap into the square baking pan or molds if using; TIP: Flexible Cupcake pans work well too. Allow to set - I actually put mine in the our 'beer fridge' in the garage so no contact with food, but I suggest if you're doing the same, cover with plastic and foil well to avoid scents permeating into food). When soap is set, turn it out onto a solid chopping board or tray.

4) Cut heart shapes using the cookie cutter using palm of your hands to press them down. Press each cut soap heart gently out of the mold. TIP: Do NOT waste the off cuts - Any left over pieces can be saved and re-melted and used in the same manner again!

5) Use the soap stamp and a hammer to decorate the front of each soap heart. I hammered a little too hard on some of them but you can be gentler...Package into a nice gift box embellished with a  printable Valentine's Day Tag.

6) Feel free to experiment with other flexible molds like the one below! ;)

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  1. It is a perfect gift. I haven't seen melt and pour soap base product. It seems quite easy For making soap with it. I will try. Thanks 😊

  2. These would make great hostess gifts too.

  3. These sound temptingly easy to try! Thanks for the great tutorial. With slightly different molds, you could make darling favors for any occasion!

    1. Totally agree! the possibilities are endless ;)

  4. great post! thanks for sharing!


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