March 15, 2013

30 Days of FREE Party Printables: Day 12 - St Patrick's Day Mini Banner + Last Minute Wreath Tutorial

I've been trying to get my hand on a bag of golden chocolate coins for aaaaages, but never seemed to find them in my groceries store, until last week! So I stocked up - I love them, and find that they're a life saver as  favor bag filers.

And they certainly were my inspiration for this post, and the FREE printables we're offering today - An EXPRESS, Last Minute St Paddy's Day Wreath made in less than 10 minutes! :)

You could use the printable mini banner as a cake banner also, like the cake in this party

St Patrick's Day Quick and Easy Wreath:

Materials Needed:

* FREE printable St Paddy's Day Mini Banner - see below
* Moss covered polystyrene wreath (from most craft stores) - Or make your own with a polystyrene wreath, some moss (from craft stores or garden centers) and spray glue.
* Hot glue
* Chocolate coins
* Ribbon or string for hanging


1) Print your FREE mini printable banner onto white card stock and cut.
2) Hot glue banner to center of wreath.
3) Hot glue chocolate coins around the wreath superimposing them slightly for a 3-D effect.
4) Hang with string or ribbon where desired.

See? Easy as pie! And if you wish, your guests could also be encouraged to pick off a coin as they leave! ;)

Click here to download your FREE Mini Banner from our Facebook page - You have to be logged in as your personal page.

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