March 24, 2013

30 Days of FREE Party Printables: Day 21 - Happy Easter Tags + Quick and Simple Easter Marshmallow Lollipops

Now, when I say "simple" I really mean , "lollies for dummies" - Check out the two-step tutorial below + get your crafty hands on some super cute Happy Easter tags to help you embellish your creations!  :)

Easter Marshmallow Lollipops - Great as gifts or party favors or just something fun to do with the kids (or by yourself.;;I won't tell if you won't) on a  rainy day...


* Marshmallow Rope or Braids
* BBQ Skewer
* Paper Straw
* Ribbon
* Cute Happy Easter Printable Tag - See below for download link.


1) Roll the marshmallows rope on itself to form a 'snail' shape.

2) Insert a skewer into the marshmallow, making sure to pierce through all the layers. Insert a paper straw over the skewer. Wrap in cellophane and tie with bow and a cute tag!
See - Told you even a dummy can do it! ;)

Click here to download your FREE Happy Easter Printable Tags - That just so happen to match our Pastel Easter Printables perfectly! ;)

Have a sweet and happy Sunday! ♥

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