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Easter Chick Brunch Salad Recipe

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Easter Chick Brunch Salad Recipe -

Even if I were not a mom, I reckon I'd still find any excuse to play with my food....But luckily I have 2 taste-testers who appreciate my (craziness) efforts. And I can tell you, these little chicks rocked their world! 

The main ingredients are simply bread, cheese, and salad veg, but I can assure your little (or big..) ones will love helping you make this colorful and yummy Easter Chick Spring Salad - Looks so cute as part of Easter brunch menu + is a great way to get them to eat their veg! ;)

Easter Chick Brunch Salad Recipe -

Easter Chick Brunch Salad Recipe -

Easter Brunch | Super Cute Easter Chicks Salad Recipe


* Sliced wholemeal bread
* Cheese slices in 2 colors - I used natural and cheddar flavors.
* Mayonnaise or butter
* Cucumber
* Black Olives for eye - Or you can use a black peppercorn or black sesame seeds
* Salad greens (I used lamb's lettuce) + carrots + sweetcorn + red peppers
* Season to taste

Materials Needed:

* Chick cookie cutter
* Mini flower cookie cutter
* Droplet cookie cutter for the wings - Or use a sharp knife.
* Toothpicks
* Small, round piping tip for cutting the eyes

Easter Chick Brunch Salad Recipe -


1) Using the chick cookie cutter, cut out shapes in the bread slices - Any off cuts can be used to make bread crumbs or feed the duck! ;)
2) Repeat for the cheese slices.
3) Spread a little mayonnaise or butter on each bread slice and top with the cheese slices.
4) Cut the beak, wings and feet out of the darker colored cheese, using the cookie cutter. For the wings you can use a sharp knife to cut the tear droplet shape in half. Add some more mayo "glue" and stick to chicks.

Easter Chick Brunch Salad Recipe -

5) Using the small end of of a piping tip, cut a piece of black olive (or use a black sesame, onion seed or peppercorn) and push it slightly into each chick with the help of a toothpick.
6) Cut a round, about 1 inch slice of cucumber then halve it to get a half circle shape. Insert toothpick into the cucumber then into each chick bread, to allow chicks to stand up.
7) Cut flowers our of carrot and pepper slices with the small cookie cutter - Save off cuts and use in a stir-fry!
8) Decorate center of flowers with a sweetcorn stuck on with a  dab of mayo.

Add chicks upright on a bed of lamb's lettuce (perfect for Easter!) and add the veg flowers. Season salad to taste, and serve at once.

Easter Chick Brunch Salad Recipe -

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