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How to Make a Toadstool Birthday Cake

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 Pixie Fairy Party Ideas: How to Make a Toadstool Birthday Cake -

As promised in my last post,  I'm sharing the step-by-step tutorial on How To Make a Toadstool Cake today! I've always wanted to bake a toadstool cake, and styling our Pixie Fairy Party gave the perfect opportunity to head to the kitchen and get a little creative and adventurous.

Now, I feel I need to add a little disclaimer here, to let you know I'm no professional baker and this was my total invention and first time making a toadstool cake. But hopefully it also shows that if I can do it (and super easily, I may add), then anyone can too! ;)

As always, in the best Nigella fashion, why make it from scratch when you can cheat a little?! :)

Besides, the best part of cake decorating is the decorating, right?! So I skipped on the whole baking the cake sponges, and used store-bought cake packet mix (chocolate chip on top and vanilla for the base) to save time  - but feel free to use your best recipe (try one of our recipes here).

And I kid you not! It took me only one afternoon to make, plus a little extra time the next day sticking the dry fondant butterflies on.

Pixie Fairy Party Ideas: How to Make a Toadstool Birthday Cake -

How to make a Fairy Birthday Party Toadstool Cake

Toadstool Cake Ingredients:

* 2 Cake packet mixes of your choice
* 1 Quantity of Vanilla Buttercream Frosting or enough to cover your cakes - Recipe Here
* A little butter and flour for greasing
* Icing Sugar for dusting

Cake Embellishments: 

* Small flower cookie cutters, butterfly cutters and piing tips (or small round cookie cutters)
* Sugar Pearls
* Optional: Green sanding sugar for decor and edible pink glitter

Toadstool cake Tools:

* An oven proof bowl fort he top of the toadstool (like Pyrex)
* A large clean food can for the base of the toadstool - Slightly smaller in diameter than the base of your bowl above - I used a 500g can. 
* Thin cardboard cake boards
* 3 dowel rods

* Parchment paper
* Rolling pin
* Clean kitchen paintbrush

Pixie Fairy Party Ideas: How to Make a Toadstool Birthday Cake -


1) Baking the top of the toadstool cake: Bake one of the cake mixes inside a greased and floured over-proof bowl according to packet instructions. 
2) When cake is done (a skewer inserted int he cake comes out clean), let cake cool in the bowl and then turn it out onto a plate and using a serrated knife, trim off the top to level the cake. Set aside.

3) Baking the base of the toadstool cake: Bake one of the cake mixes inside a greased and floured food can lined with parchment paper on the bottom. Bake according to packet instructions. 

4) When done, let cake cool in the can. Turn out onto a plate once cool and then using a serrated knife, trim off the top to level the cake. Set aside.

Pixie Fairy Party Ideas: How to Make a Toadstool Birthday Cake -

5) Measure the diameter of your cake top and base and cut our 2 circles out of the cake boards. Set each of your cake parts onto a piece of cake board ready for decorating.

6) Decorating the top part of the toadstool cake: Place the domed cake onto a cake wheel or if you don't have one, used a large, heavy food container to prop up your cake. I used a custard pot to hold mine!

Spread the frosting onto your cake. Place in the fridge to set.

7) Roll our your pastel pink sugar paste fondant to about 1 cm thick and place on top of your cake, using the rolling pin to help you. 

8) Smooth is with palm of your hands all over to cover the entire cake. Trim off excess fondant close to the cake base with a sharp knife or scissors. Place in fridge while you make the decorations.

Pixie Fairy Party Ideas: How to Make a Toadstool Birthday Cake -

9) Roll our white fondant thinly and using round cookie cutters or the end of a piping tip, cut out circles.

10) Using a small paintbrush and a little water, adhere the circles tot he cake. Return cake to fridge.

11) Decorating the base part of the toadstool cake: Frost your cake base with more of the buttercream.

Does not need to be perfect - this is just a "glue" for the fondant to sit on. Insert 3 dowel rods into the base and measure where to cut so they sit level with the cake. these will support the top of the cake. Place in the fridge to set - About 30 minutes or so.

12) Cover base with white rolled sugar paste fondant as before. Trim off excess at base. Use green fondant cuts to decorate the base (like grass). Use a sharp knife to cut the blades of 'grass'. Stick then onto the case with water and paintbrush again as previously.

Pixie Fairy Party Ideas: How to Make a Toadstool Birthday Cake -

13) Making the cake decorations: Use your butterfly cookie cutter and flower cutters to create other embellishments to the cake. For butterflies - dust with a little water and sprinkle with edible glitter. Let them dry hard as shown onto a clean egg carton so they retain their shape. once dry, apply to cake with a little icing.

14) For flowers - they do not need to dry, so you can apply them directly to the cake after making them. Use a little water and paintbrush as before, to adhere flowers on. I used 2 cookie cutter and placed a little sugar pearl in the center with a little water.

I also chose to add a little pixie door to the toadstool - To make one, simply trace around a cardboard shape of your choice and cut the fondant pieces with a sharp knife. Glue to the base base using with water and paintbrush. Add a sugar pearl as a doorknob.

Pixie Fairy Party Ideas: How to Make a Toadstool Birthday Cake -

All that's left to do is place your top part onto the base and decorate as you like! I displayed my cake onto a cute pedestal stand and added green sanding sugar to emulate grass.

Hope you like the ideas, and feel inclined to PIN it! ;)

Pixie Fairy Party Cake Credits

PInk pixie fairy party printables: Bird's Party
Favor boxes, wooden spoons, glass bottles, straws: Bird's Party

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  1. I have used your tutorial for my daughter's second-birthday cake! Thank you for showing me that it could be easy and so lovely; I'm looking forward to sharing it with family and friends!

  2. Hi Angela, you're very welcome! Come back and share photos? :)

  3. Hi, do you know what size your oven proof bowl was, that worked so well with the 500mL can for the toadstool cake? Thanks!

    1. The bowl measured 15 cm wide (diameter) at the top or about 6 inch. But you can use any size that goes well with your base. Hope that helps! :)

  4. Hi, your lovely cake and instructions inspire me to make this for my daughter's birthday!
    Just wondering how deep should the dowel rods needs to be inserted and should i cover them with fondant? Thank you!

    1. Hi Anita, the length will depend on how tall your bottom cake is. I normally juts tick it in and then cut the rods level with the top of the cake, so they are completely inserted and you don't see them up top. No need to cover them with fondant. Just be sure they are clean! ;)


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