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Halloween Vampire Blood Bar Cocktail Recipes

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Halloween Vampire Blood Bar Cocktail Recipes - via BirdsParty.com

Following on with the week's Halloween Vampire Blood Bar theme with Pottery Barn, we're set on enlivening up the undead with delicious and devilish libations! :)

Halloween Vampire Blood Bar Cocktail Recipes - via BirdsParty.com

Vampire Bloody Mary Shots Recipe

With a color of deep crimson, Bloody Marys are the ideal Halloween Cocktail. To take this zesty kick up another level, serve in a test tube shot glass. It’s clever trick (and treat) no party goer can deny!

For the shots
5 oz. vodka, chilled
9 oz. thin tomato juice, chilled
1 lime, juice only
2 teaspoons freshly grated horseradish
1 teaspoon celery salt
1 good shake of Tabasco® sauce
1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce


Mix all the ingredients for the shots together. Keep refrigerated in a jug until ready to serve.
To serve, use test tubes on ice inside Pottery Barn's Antique Silver Serve Bow.
Halloween Vampire Blood Bar Cocktail Recipes - via BirdsParty.com

Pomegranate Martini Recipe

Pomegranate juice gives the typical martini a fantastic shade of red and gives it a delicious sweet/sour kick. 


½ parts Bacardi
2 parts Pom Wonderful Pomegranate juice
1 part fresh lime juice
¾ part Triple Sec or Cointreau
A splash of Martini & Rossi Prosecco 
1 apple or lemon wedge
Shake all ingredients over ice and strain into chilled Pottery Barn's martini glasses. Garnish with apple or lemon wedge.
Halloween Vampire Blood Bar Cocktail Recipes - via BirdsParty.com

DIY Blood-Rimmed Cocktail Glasses 

Make a bloody good sugar rim for your elixirs and cocktails with this classic hard candy recipe. Just be sure you have a candy thermometer to hand.
1 cup sugar
½ cup Karo Syrup
½ cup water
Red food coloring

Combine sugar, syrup and water. Cook without stirring to hard crack stage - which is 300 degrees F. 
Add food coloring. Turn off heat. While the mixture is still hot, dunk the top of the cocktail glass into the mixture to create the red rim. If you need to do several glasses, keep the mixture hot so it lasts longer (instead of turning heat off, just reduce slightly).
You can go anywhere from just along the very tip of the rim to part way down the glass - whichever you prefer. Flip the glass right side up to cool. The thick consistency of the mixture will cause “drips” as it hardens on the glass!
Used with Pottery Barn's Library Barware set

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Pottery Barn, but all opinions are my own.

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