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This Gingerbread House Decorating Party by our Crissy is styled with kids in mind, and the perfect party theme to keep them occupied at Christmas. But with so many adorable details, I'm sure it will appeal to the grown-ups too!

This theme was one of my faves to design, and I can't wait to host a gingerbread decorating party with my kids this year! Thanks for the inspiration Crissy! ;)

Party Details:

Our Girl Scout Troop celebrated the Holiday Season with a gingerbread house decorating party filled with fun and sweets!

I pre-built the houses ahead of time to save on the frustration of building them at the party so the girls could go straight to the fun part - decorating them!

I got the cutest Gingerbread Aprons  for the girls from Oriental Trading and assembled them prior to the party, each girl had a personalized heart shaped pin  and  Chef Hats. The girls had a blast decorating their gingerbread houses! The table was set up as a “decoration station.” The girls got so creative and use so many different goodies that was available to decorate the house as well as to nibble on!

After the decorating, the girls had pizza, made gingerbread ornaments and dessert.  I found the cutest paper plates shaped as Gingerbread Houses to serve the goodies to the girls. The desserts were simple but cute! My oldest daughter decorated the Gingerbread House that was displayed in the center of the dessert table. The backdrop was made by covering 2 foam boards using wrapping paper. The cutest Gingerbread figures were displayed on the table along with some Candy Spindles

The girls enjoyed some gingerbread swirl pops, cupcakes, mini brownies,  jello and an assortment of candy that they filled their Gingerbread House Treat boxes with.  It was a great way to get everyone into the holiday spirit!

Party Credits:

Styling and Photography: Crissy's Crafts                                                                           
Gingerbread Printable: Bird's Party                                                                                                  
Candy, paper goods, crafts, aprons, favors and decorations: Oriental Trading

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