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DIY Valentine's Day Sweet Heart Cake

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DIY Valentine's Day Sweet Heart Cake -
Man, I love a good cake! To me, it epitomizes love. My earliest memories is baking cakes with my mom, surrounded by love and cake batter, licking the spoon... So now, I express my love for others by feeding them cake. 
Naturally, for my Valentine's Day desserts table I had to have a centerpiece cake. You know, one of those creations that make you drool? Yeah, but master baker I am not, so I often resort to printables and candy to help me decorate my cakes. 
Find all the steps below + a little something for you! ;)

This sweet heart cake  decor idea is super simple, and anyone can do it, but requires a little patience.

DIY Sweet Heart Valentine's Day Cake


* A frosted cake of your choice
* Printables (glittered) heart cut-outs
* Paper straws
* Red or contrasting color Sixlets
* A little royal icing
* 3x Wooden skewers 
* Heart template of your choice
* A pin
* Hot glue
* Optional: kitchen tweezers
DIY Valentine's Day Sweet Heart Cake -
Pin your template to the front of the cake, and using one of the wooden skewers, pin around to mark the heart shape. best to do this when the frosting is nearly set. Remove the pin and template and begin adding Sixlets to form the border. It looks pretty as is, but if you wish, carry on filling the inside of the heart with more Sixlets. Let the icing set.
For the toppers, simply hot glue the decorate printable hearts onto the paper straws. Insert 2 skewers into the cake top, and slide the straws over the skewers to hide them. Display the cake onto a cake stand covered with more Sixlets.

DIY Valentine's Day Sweet Heart Cake - Credits

* Styling and photography: Bird
* Valentine's Printables: Bird's Party
* Paper Straws: Bird's Party
This is the little something extra, because we ♥ you! :)
DIY Valentine's Day Sweet Heart Cake -

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(Feb 13, 2014)

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