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DIY Funky Football Soccer Candy Display

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DIY Funky Football Soccer Candy Display -
I'm not usually a huge fan of football (soccer) but something about the World Cup that just makes me wanna watch, party and cheer. We've always held world cup match watching celebrations in our family since I was a child, so I guess it's tradition now. Especially since this year it's been held in Brazil!! Talk about fun overload, right?! :)
So all this week I'll be sharing some creative party ideas inspired by the beautiful game, and its world cup host country!! So you can expect a touch of samba, a pinch of folia and lots of fun on the 'menu'! ;)

I got this funky idea for the candy display for my Soccer Football inspired desserts table (coming tomorrow) from the Brazilian Carnaval  party styled by our Crissy last year. I got so many emails asking how it was done, that I decided to share here. 
It's so simple to re-create but looks impressive when it's done. I worked with the fabulous SweetWorks for the candy- Gumballs and Sixlets.
DIY Funky Football Soccer Candy Display -

DIY Funky Football Soccer Candy Display

1) Start with green, then white, then black. Carry on alternating side-by-side until you have a full row covering the outer edge of your candy jar.
2) Then start layering another row of gumballs on top of the first. this time start with white gumball, then black and then green; until you have a second row.
3) Now fill the center of the jar with Sixlets, up to the level of the rows. 
4) Repeat adding two rows at a time, and filing the center gap with more Sixlets.
5) Do this until you reach the top. You'll get a nice 'spiral' effect on the side. decorate the candy jars with rpintable decor from Bird's Party NEW soccer football printables kit!
DIY Funky Football Soccer Candy Display -
Funky, right? You can basically do any color you fancy, but inspired by a football / soccer ball, I chose black, white and green (the turf).
What about you? Are you watching the Brazil world cup? I'd love to hear your party ideas / recipes in the comments! :)

Foortball or Soccer Party Ideas: DIY Funky Football Candy Display - Party Credits

Styling and photography: Bird
World Cup Inspired Soccer or Football Printables: Bird's Party
Gummballs and Sixlets: SweetWorks

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