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A Bug Inspired Joint Birthday Party

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A Bug Inspired Joint Birthday Party - via
Summer rhymes with outdoors fun, but also with nature. And inevitable, with little critters. Spiders, flying bugs and little crawlers...all offer the perfect birthday party theme for little boys who love nature.  And this Bug-tastic joint birthday by my talented friend Vivian Kerr from Kerr's Kreations is packed with amazing and inspiring ideas!
I worked with Vivian for the bug inspired party printables, and am totally amazed by all the incredible details she incorporated into this fabulous party - from the food to the decor, the party activities and all in between. Scroll down to see check out the fun details as told by Vivian.
A Bug Inspired Joint Birthday Party!

A Bug Inspired Joint Birthday Party!

A Bug Inspired Joint Birthday Party!

A Bug Inspired Joint Birthday Party!

A Bug Inspired Joint Birthday Party - via

A Bug Inspired Joint Birthday Party!

A Bug Inspired Joint Birthday Party!

A Bug Inspired Joint Birthday Party!

A Bug Inspired Joint Birthday Party!

A Bug Inspired Joint Birthday Party!

A Bug Inspired Joint Birthday Party - via

Bug Garden Party - Party Details and Printables

Spiders and beetles and flies, oh my! These two cute little friends went “buggy” over their 5th birthday, literally! It was the perfect way for these active, energetic boys to celebrate their love of the outdoors and bugs.
While putting out our “feelers” for bug party ideas, I came across these adorable Dinosaur Adventure Party printables designed by Bird’s Party and knew right away that Bird would be able to create the perfect bug themed invitations and party printables for this event! We of course loved what she designed and know you will too!
We also recruited my dear friend, Andrea from Andrea Pasion Photography, to capture Nathan and Logan’s special bug-filled day with friends.

Bug Garden Party - The printable Party Invitation

Calling All Bug Explorers! Each guest received their own Bug Invitation asking them to join the birthday boys on a bug adventure. Bird from Bird’s Party did such an amazing job creating these “buggy” invites. Our boys got a kick out of the colorful bugs and couldn't wait to celebrate with friends.

Bug Garden Party - The Arrival of Party Guests

Each little party guest was immediately sucked into the wonderful world of bugs as they became “official” bug explorers upon entry. Armed with a pith helmet, pail for bug collecting and an official hand-sewn bug explorer vest, all customized with darling printables from Bird’s Party collection, our little explorers were ready to enter their bug adventure!

Bug Garden Party - The Party Table

Do you remember those old school cartoons where the ants and bugs would sneak up on unsuspecting picnickers and scamper away with all the food from the picnic basket and blanket? This was the scene we imagined for our food & dessert table. We paired colorful printables from Bird’s collection with some fun outdoor picnic elements (checkered table cloth, baskets, hand-crafted picnic scene with oversized grass and sun), and food specially chosen to fit our buggy theme.

Bug Garden Party - Party Food

Being Pinterest junkies, we were able to find tons of ideas to go with our bug-theme.  There were so many cute bug-themed treats to please the appetites of our group of explorers, like Creepy Corn Dog Centipedes from Beth of Hungry Happenings, Banana Caterpillars found at Little Page Turners, and Sandwich Snails from Itsy Belle Studio. A few other simple “critter” treats we included on the menu are Caterpillar Cheese Puffs, Butterfly Pasta Salad, Frog Eyes, and of course Bug Juice.

Bug Garden Party -Party Activities

Station 1 – Knock Down Bug Cans Game

We all know boys like to get dirty, jump around like animals, and of course knock things down. So we found this Knock Down Can Toss Bean Bag Game on Amazon and using the colorful coordinating papers from Bird’s Party, we made our own bug game. Each boy had a turn trying to knock down bugs and earn prizes to compliment their bug explorer paraphernalia. Each party guest received a magnifying glass from The Dollar Tree and an I Like Bugs book found on Amazon.

Station 2: Make Your Own Butterfly Snack

You can’t have a birthday party without candy or crafts. We found these cute Butterfly Snacks from Juggling with Kids. This was a super easy craft project for younger kids and perfect for our theme. Supplies needed: clothespins, chenille stems, googly eyes, cello bags or Ziploc snack bags, and glue found at your local JoAnns and choice of snacks. We used M&Ms and Skittles to make the butterfly wings more colorful. You can’t forget the cute coordinating Bird’s Party printables that added that little extra pizzazz to our butterflies. It was intended to be a take-home treat, but the party guests couldn’t help but eat the yummy treats!

Station 3: Critters Memory Game

Being the mother of four, I have spent countless hours playing games with my kids. At a young age, one of the faves for my kids was the game Memory. Bird’s Party was able to create our own custom-made Critters Memory Game. The boys had so much fun playing it and were so excited that their favor bags included their own copy of the game to take home, along with a set of stickers created by Bird and a grow bug that we found at the Dollar Store.

Station 4: We’re going on a bug hunt!

No bug party would be the same without a bug hunt. The boys scrambled throughout the backyard in search of eggs. Inside each egg were bugs that they were able to take home. Once they found all their bugs, each guest received their personalized water bottle and bug vacuum to round out their explorer kits.
To close the party, guests sang Happy Birthday to Nathan & Logan and were treated to “buggy” cupcakes and ice cream. We had so much fun making the cupcakes. Once the cupcakes were baked, they were placed in these adorable silicone pot holders that I found at Michaels a couple of years ago. We mixed green food coloring in white frosting and spread it over the cupcakes. In a Ziploc bag, we shook some coconut flakes and green food coloring to make some grass. We spread this over the cupcakes and topped them off with some cute Bird’s Party cupcake toppers and a plastic bug. The boys couldn't wait to have a cupcake!
It was an amazing afternoon, and we were so happy to have Nathan and Logan celebrate their special day with friends.

Bug Garden Party - Party Credits

*  Party Styling: Vivian Kerr of Kerr’s Kreations (including custom sewing for vests) and Lisa Saunders
* Bug Party Printables: Bird’s Party
* Photographer: Andrea Pasion Photography / Invitation photo shoot by Rochelle Pettingill
* Paper backdrop, grass, wood stands, small & large bugs, red and white checkered fabric, clothes pin, cello bags, chenille stems, googly eyes: JoAnns
* Tablecloths, yellow (sun), #5 candle: Party City
* Silicone Terra Cotta Pot Cupcake holders, craft wood frames: Michaels
* Knock Down Can Toss Bean Bag Game and “I Like Bugs” book: Amazon
* Hats, buckets, water bottles, magnifying glass, grow bugs, Easter eggs, plastic colored bowls: Dollar Store
* Full size sticker paper: Office Depot
* Bug Vacuum: Scholastic Books

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