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Tequila Caipirinha Cocktails Recipe

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Tequila Caipirinha Cocktails Recipe -

If you haven't noticed, this week's all about Mexican themed party ideas and fiesta fun!

And today I'm delighted to be joining the one and only Clinton Kelly, TV personality, author, editor and general stylist-crush-of-mine... for a Makeover Your Margarita Challenge!!

Tequila Caipirinha Cocktails Recipe

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, Clinton will be posting his favorite mango margarita and challenging bloggers to “Make Over Your Marg”— as in, come up with other tequila-based cocktails (they don’t have to be margaritas) to celebrate with.

As a any self-respecting Carioca (Rio native), I naturally gravitate towards a traditional Caipirinha at cocktail hour...and this seem to be the perfect opportunity to try it with Tequila instead! ;)

Tequila Caipirinha Cocktails Recipe -

Tequila Caipirinha Cocktails Recipe -

Tequila Caipirinha Cocktail Recipe

Ingredients per person

* 2 teaspoons of granulated brown sugar ( or to taste)
* 1 lime cut into chunks
* 1 shot or 2 of tequila
* Ice

Direction in the video below:

So cheers to Clinton and to all your fiesta lovers!

And don't forget to hop over to to check out all the other fab Tequila cocktails recipes here.

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