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Easy DIY Wall Art Painted Canvas

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Easy DIY Wall Art Painted Canvas -

Why buy when you can DIY - that's my motto in life.
So naturally, I turned to my paintbrushes when creating this large wall art canvas for my new studio bar.

I wanted something big, abstract and eye catching to hang as a focal point. 

At first, I thought of creating a large watercolor with ombré shades of pink. 
But then this post inspired me to get creative with brush strokes!
Easy DIY Wall Art Painted Canvas -

I simply selected my paint colors (all inexpensive acrylic tube paints you can find in most craft stores) and my canvas size. My brushstroke technique came from watching some YouTube videos and then I just added my own 'sauce'. But really, anything goes because it's an abstract piece of art. And that's how I like it! 

Easy DIY Wall Art Painted Canvas -

Luckily, I had all the materials at home including the canvas, which was left over from my kids Barnyard birthday party. So painting the canvas also helped to hide a few blemishes that were left on there.

The beauty of this project is that not only it's really inexpensive, but also ANYONE can do it! 
Honestly, it's by far one of the easiest DIYs I've ever made and so quick and mega FUN!

It could totally be used for a table backdrop at a party also, don't you think? 
I'm even thinking of creating the same canvas but with in orange and black for a Halloween bar styling! :)

Easy DIY Wall Art Painted Canvas -

DIY Wall Art Painted Canvas


* Large canvas
* Acrylic paints in your fav colors ( I used 3 shades of pink, yellow, green, blue and white)
* A wide (mine was 2 inches) paintbrush
* Cloth or paper to protect your surfaces
* Cardboard plates to hold the paint

Easy DIY Wall Art Painted Canvas -

How to make your DIY wall art canvas

Start by painting your 'base color' for the first layer. Mine was pink. 

Add up to 3 colors of paint to a paper plate and start applying randomly onto the canvas, varying the direction - I chose horizontal and vertical strokes, but you could go diagonal or freestyle ;)
Easy DIY Wall Art Painted Canvas -

Easy DIY Wall Art Painted Canvas -

Don't be afraid to mix the color to get different shades. 
Continue applying to cover most of the canvas all the way to the edges.

Easy DIY Wall Art Painted Canvas -

Easy DIY Wall Art Painted Canvas -

When your 'base' color is done, then proceed to the next color layer. I used blue, green and yellow with hints of white on top. 

We're using a layering technique, so don't be afraid to keep adding the strokes to cover the canvas. You really can't go wrong!

Easy DIY Wall Art Painted Canvas -

Easy DIY Wall Art Painted Canvas -

Let the canvas dry overnight before hanging. Voilà!

I have to say, I LOVE the results and would totally do this more often when decorating my interiors.

And you guys seem to love it too, 'cause I got a great response from everyone on Instagram asking me for the DIY!
Easy DIY Wall Art Painted Canvas -

So if you make this project, don't forget to tag #BirdspartyTweeps for a chance to be featured! ♥

For more bar styling DIY ideas see this post.
For test driving my new bar, I made this.

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  1. So stinking cute (and clever). Can't believe I missed this one! Pinning!

    1. Thanks, friend! I loved getting all artistic ;)


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