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DIY Nail Polish Marbled Easter Eggs

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DIY Nail Polish Marbled Easter Eggs -

There are tons of Easter egg decoration ideas and DIYs on Pinterest.

But to be honest, some of them are just too involved, or not child-friendly or require blowing out eggs (who has time or patience for that?!). 

So I just came up with the pretties and EASIEST Easter egg decorating technique, using a medium you already have at home - nail polish!! :)

DIY Nail Polish Marbled Easter Eggs -

You've probably seen those nail polish marbled mugs all over Pinterest?

Well, I thought to myself it might be a FUN idea to do with plastic Easter Eggs!

DIY Nail Polish Marbled Easter Eggs -

When it comes to crafts my motto is minimum effort, maximum satisfaction, and this DIY craft ticks all the boxes: it's super EASY, but also inexpensive, super quick to make, kid-friendly and produces THE prettiest Easter eggs I have ever seen!

DIY Nail Polish Marbled Easter Eggs -

DIY Nail Polish Marbled Easter Eggs -

You're only limited to the colors of nail polish you use.

It's a simple technique that is also perfect for last-minute Easter egg decorating, and the marbled eggs would be stunning as a table centerpiece for your Easter tables!

DIY Nail Polish Marbled Easter Eggs


* white plastic eggs from craft stores
* nail polish (any color or texture)
* plastic old bowl with water (bowl will get ruined, so use an old one)
* wooden skewers
* Styrofoam block for the drying time

DIY Nail Polish Marbled Easter Eggs -

1) Plastic eggs usually come with a little hole on one side, which is perfect for inserting your wooden skewer. If your eggs don't have holes, simply pierce carefully (adults only) with a craft knife first on one end. Insert a wooden skewer into each egg through the hole.

2) Cover your table surface with a paper tablecloth or newspaper to protect it in case of spillages. Then place water into the bowl, then add nail polish in thin streaks over the surface. 

3) Immediately dip each egg into the colorful water. Don't hang about because the nail polish will dry super fast, and you'll end up with a clumpy texture.

4) Also do NOT double-dip while the eggs are still wet, as it will look messy and clumpy! Repeat process for other colors. Let eggs dry into a Styrofoam block, then display proudly!

DIY Nail Polish Marbled Easter Eggs -

DIY Nail Polish Marbled Easter Eggs -

TIP: It took the kids a couple of times to hang on to the technique of dipping quickly. But don't discard those eggs! Since they're plastic, you can wipe them off with nail polish remover and re-dip them if things really go pear-shaped.

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  1. What an awesome idea with nail polish. I have never thought about using nail polish for Easter Eggs. It looks much more vibrant compared to food coloring.

  2. Yeah, it's my favorite technique for decorating eggs now! We LOVED how it turned out and how inexpensive and easy this was!! :)

  3. These are beautiful. I love the stripey look!


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