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Crunchy Toffee Caramel Apples Recipe

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Crunchy Toffee Caramel Apples Video Recipe |

Toffee apples take me right back to childhood. I remember walking past the sweet stands selling them at carnivals and country fairs, and I always pestered my mom to buy them. I totally favored these over cotton candy every time!

And autumn is the perfect time to make these delicious, crunchy toffee apples at home. Forget bobbing for apples, toffee apples is where it's at! ;)

Oh, and did I mention it's super easy too? I love them even more now!

Crunchy Toffee Caramel Apples Video Recipe | BirdsParty.comCrunchy Toffee Caramel Apples Video Recipe |

Toffee apples are not like caramel apples - they're crunchy hard, kinda like the outer shell of a creme brulée, I guess?

If you prefer a red toffee apple (or any other color for that matter) you simply add some food coloring to the toffee, it works a treat!

Crunchy Toffee Caramel Apples Video Recipe |

These toffee apples are a perfect Halloween treat to display on your desserts tables, or a great Thanksgiving or autumn party dessert too. And let's not forget they make great party favors and homemade gifts! Teacher's would LOVE getting these, don't you think?! :)

Crunchy Toffee Caramel Apples Video Recipe |

Crunchy Toffee Caramel Apples Video Recipe

Ingredients: for 8 people

* 8 apples (I using granny smiths or golden delicious)
* strong wooden skewer or use clean twig from an apple tree for added pizzazz :)
* 2 cups of white sugar
* 4 tablespoons of honey
* 100 ml of water (3 fl oz)
* 1 tablespoon of clear vinegar
* optional: chopped nuts or sugar sprinkles

Check out the crunchy toffee apples recipe video below.

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Crunchy Toffee Caramel Apples Video Recipe |

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  1. Is there a way to turn up the volume on the video? My system is turned up to the highest level, but I still can't hear.


    1. hmm, so sorry! not sure why to be honest...but if you have any questions, please levae them int he comments sectiona nd we'll be sure to reply :)

    2. just a the volume on the video screen itself turned off? sometimes it's turned off as a default, so you need to click the volume control on the video bottom left corner. Either that or the computer volume?

  2. Thank you for sharing your delicious recipe at the #RecipeSharingParty. I look forward to what you will share next week! We hope you’ll come back again next Thursday when we open our doors at 9:00 AM EST.

  3. Mmmmm I've never had a toffee apple before but the crunchiness sounds like a perfect fit!
    Thanks Michelle

  4. Yummy! These look so delicious! Pinning it!


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