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Alice in Wonderland Party Inspiration

Thursday, July 22, 2010C Riches

The film seems to have sparked a recent "Alice in Wonderland" mania in the party world, and when I saw this stunning shoot at The Wedding Chicks, I just had to share! :)

 I just love the simplicity and yet sophistication of this theme!
The same effects can easily be achieved with a little imagination and a trip to your nearest thrift stores or garage sales!
Pick up yourself some mismatched china at a local charity shop and you're half way to a stunning, Mad Hatter tablescape! :)
 And you can't do an Alice in Wonderland party theme without a topsy turvy cake or some yummy "Eat Me" cupcakes, can you?!

You can also stack tea cups, plates and saucer and make yourself a fun, cupcake stand! Or do as this picture and use ornaments from your garden (how about a bird feeder?) as the stand - The madder, the better! :)
To get the same effect here, just drag your furniture outside, drape on a nice white sheet on the tables (vintage lace and cotton sheets from thrift stores can add extra layers and charm!), some wild flowers mixed with bought blooms and there you have it - a gorgeous Wonderland fit for any Alice! :)
(Mad Hatter, eat your hat out!)

All photos in this post by The The Wedding Chicks.

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  1. wow!!!! I wish one of my friends did a party like this!

  2. Ai que saudades de vir aqui amiga!
    Essa ideia é bem legal...pena que agora vou para um apt :(
    Mas tudo bem crianças estao super felizes...perto do mar :)
    Depois me mande noticias por email, tá?
    beijinhos carinhosos e um lindo dia pra vc,

  3. thats an awesome party wish i could come!!!

  4. Esse tema é lindo demais! E fica perfeito assim, num jardim...ahhh!

  5. I'm thinking that I need to have one of these parties!! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Ooh-la-la, so fun! My kind of tea party...

  7. These really are the best AIW parties! Thanks for including my blog post here! ; )

  8. Amei as inspirações: jardins, jogos de chá, tons pasteis, flores, cupcakes, bolos, delicadeza e um tom lúdico! Tudo muito lindo!!!! Bjs!

  9. Adorei a insrpiração: muito bom gosto, suavidade e leveza.
    Boa dica. E cabe perfeitamente para um chá de bebê ou de panela também...

  10. I am planning an "Alice in Wonderland" party for my daughter, thank you for sharing these wonderful inspirations! I am definitely going to use some of these ideas!



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