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Ice Cream & Candy Birthday Party

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Ice Cream & Candy Birthday Party -

The heat is officially on, and what's better than a refreshing and sweet Ice Cream and Candy Party to keep us all cooled down this Summer?!!

The photos has a sepia tinge to them because i was playing with my camera settings to try to get a "retro" look ;)

This is my latest printable party collection, but as my eldest breaks off for the summer holidays, we decided to throw an ice cream and candy mini-party to celebrate the end of his first year at school!! (they grow up fast, don't they?!)

I set it all up in our backyard and after school, we just dived in after the photo shoot was over - We worked hard, but partied even harder!! hehe

In any case, these are the results of my not so hard work - Was this Ice Cream and Candy Party just an excuse to gorge on sweets? Quite possibly.... :)

Ice Cream & Candy Birthday Party -

I used some cute little jars (that I showed you here) to hold the sprinkles and all the toppings.
Some of the cupcakes were wrapped in the matching cupcake wrappers from the printable collection , and some were served in vintage ice cream glasses, with a scoop (or two) of ice cream and a cherry on the top (from our cherry trees)!

Ice Cream & Candy Birthday Party -

Ice Cream & Candy Birthday Party -

Ice Cream & Candy Birthday Party -

Ice Cream & Candy Birthday Party -

The décor was like a vintage Ice Cream Parlour or Ice Cream "Bar" with yellow gingham table cloth, cute retro bunting, yummy ice cream cones, sweet and fizzy sprinkles, chocolate chip cupcakes, sweet treats and looooads of candy!

Ice Cream & Candy Birthday Party -

  To complete the décor, I "sprinkled" around the table the Vintage Ice Cream and Candy party icons  (lollipops, candy and ice cream) and cupcake toppers to embellish the yummy ice creams! They looked sooooo cute and really made the party décor come together! :)

The candy jars were embellished with the fancy labels and with the round party tags from the Vintage Ice Cream & Candy Party Collection. These round party tags are so versatile, you can use them as cupcake toppers, gift tags, favor tags, candy jar labels, to embellish napkin rings, your party hats, invite envelopes and thank you cards etc, etc.

Ice Cream & Candy Birthday Party -

The children just helped themselves to the toppings and candy with little pastel colored, ice-cream shaped scoops I found at a dollar store.

I displayed the old-fashioned ice cream cones in a tall glass hurricane jar. The jar was wrapped with a party label wrapper also from the printable collection.

Ice Cream & Candy Birthday Party -

As always, the party printables and paper goods supplies for the Ice Cream and Candy Party are now available here!

Have a yummy, sugar-sprinkled day!! :)

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