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Easter Bunny Party | A Full-On Chocolate Desserts Table

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Easter Bunny Party: A Full-On Chocolate Desserts Table

This Easter Bunny Party was recently featured on our Magazine Spring Issue - jam packed with fabulous party ideas, party crafts, easy and fun party tutorials, gorgeous eye candy and yummy recipes!

Easter Bunny Party: A Full-On Chocolate Desserts Table

Easter Bunny Party Ideas: Design Inspiration, Printables and Styling

I didn't want to use obvious Spring props like butterflies, lots of Easter eggs and flowers to style this dessert table - I wanted to create a table that could be cute without being overly girly - Usually, I tend to go for lots of feminine details with lots of delicate touches, but the use of grass instead of flowers, and spots and stripes patterns keeps the designs and table neutral and fresh.

Easter Bunny Party: A Full-On Chocolate Desserts Table Sweet Treats

Easter Bunny Party Ideas: All Chocolate Desserts Table

To be honest, I see so many stunning and elaborate party tables on the web, which I do LOVE; but I actually wonder if a lot of people have the budget, time or the disposition to to carry it out?!

So to save on all of the above, I purchased ALL the chocolate groceries (apart from the homemade carrot cake - Recipe in our magazine) from my local supermarket and local patisseries, and I think it just shows that you do not need to spend a lot on fancy desserts, nor slave for hours in the kitchen to have a fun and enjoyable party - Minimum effort, maximum satisfaction, I hope! :)

Easter Bunny Party: A Full-On Chocolate Desserts Table cake

Easter Bunny Party Ideas: The Sweet Treats

I'm also a self-confessed chocoholic, and this was the perfect chance to create a full-on chocolate dessert table! The color palette of lime green and orange added a fresh touch, and was entirely based on carrots - the food of choice of the Easter Bunny, with dashes of luxurious brown to evoke all the yummy Easter chocolate - My food of choice! :)

The centerpiece of this table is the carrot cake decorated with the cake bunting and Easter Bunny cake topper from the printable collection - You can get the full recipe in our Magazine here.

Easter Bunny Party: A Full-On Chocolate Desserts Table Styling

The "cupcakes" were actually chocolate muffins with Italian meringue icing, topped with edible sugar decorations also found in the baking isle of my local supermarket. To complete the look, they were decorated with the cupcake wrappers from this collection.

Easter Bunny Party: A Full-On Chocolate Desserts Table Food

Other chocolate treats on the table were displayed in glass candy jars, embellished with our fancy party labels. The sweets included mini choc muffins, chocolate covered pretzels, round chocolate brownies with ganache and nut topping, as well as some chocolate-covered marshmallows and choc-chip cookies displayed in our cute, printable Easter baskets.

Easter Bunny Party Ideas: Party Favors and Activities

Party favors consisted of standard 100 chocolate bars, wrapped in the candy wrappers from the collection.

And because no Easter egg hunt party is complete without well, an egg hunt; I designed these little Easter baskets that double as snack baskets that can be displayed on your dessert tables too!
They are sturdy enough to carry small chocolate eggs during the egg hunt, and as take home party favor baskets full of yummy treats!

Easter Bunny Party: A Full-On Chocolate Desserts Table Favors

The fun, photo props like the Easter Bunny bow tie and Easter Bunny ears are also included in this party collection, and can actually be part of the activities you offer at the party.

Getting the kiddies involved with some fun DIY party crafts that they can take home as favors is a double bonus - Without mentioning that your Easter photos will look even cuter! :)

Easter Bunny Party: A Full-On Chocolate Desserts Table Games and DIY Photo Booth

Easter Bunny Party Ideas: Party Printables

You can now get the complete Easter Bunny Egg Hunt Printable collection in store, and it includes:

Easter Bunny Party Ideas: Party Credits

Party styling and party printables: Bird's Party
Photography: Bird
Little Models: Bird's Own :)  

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  1. Aww, I want to be invited to that party! Congrats on your feature. :-)

  2. Thanks love! Next time? :)

  3. Linda decoração!!

  4. Parabéns Bird!!!
    A decoração ficou lindaaaaa.

  5. LOVE IT!! Really wish I could have done the AW article.

  6. Such a cute party bird...I love chocolate so this is heaven!

  7. you know what I especially love - easter is not in the spring for us, it's in the autumn! So all this spring stuff is quite odd really when you live in the Southern hemisphere. Great work as always my dear, Jane xx

  8. Smita, please don't worry! Next time ;)

    Sandra, you and I both! :D

    Jane, glad to hear it! It works both ways hehe

  9. Que gracinha! Tive várias ideias vendo esse post de Páscoa, mas esse ano não vou passar no Brasil, estarei aí mais pertinho de vc! Beijão!

  10. This totally makes me excited for Easter... and for all the candy involved!! Gorgeous layout!

  11. I know Jenny! I styled it back in March and it was real incentive to eat chocolate!! ;D

  12. Mmmmm...chocolate. It’s the best part about all the Easter candy, isn’t it?!

  13. Any excuse to gorge on chocolate I say! :)


  14. Hmmm.. yummy treats. These looks great!And all kids also love these favors. They just love parties!


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