February 29, 2012

Boy Parties: Leap Year Party Printables and Party Ideas!

Today is the last day of February and since it's a leap year, I got thinking that a really cute Frog Birthday Party might be a fun theme for any little birthday boy - And of course it reminded me of the very first styled party I created entirely from scratch for my kid's two years ago!

The Little Frog printable party collection was one of my early designs, along with my very own matching new fabric designs, first attempt at sugar cookie decorating, first attempt at party cupcake baking, first attempt at sugar lollipop making...you get the picture. So it holds a very special place in my heart!

Looking back, it was real hard work but I reeeeeally loved getting stuck in every detail of this party, from the design of the printable to baking and photography, and I guess it was this particular party that sparked my love of DIY and handmade party styling!

Hope you too can find some DIY inspiration for your Leap Year bash! :)

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