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Hope you had a fabulous Christmas! ♥

I'm now ready and excited to celebrate the arrival of a New Year, full of great hopes and expectations! And it's with this excitement that I created this Glam New Year's Eve Party Printable Collection - To reflect the fun, pizzazz and sparkle I'm hoping for 2013! :)

I wanted to keep the styling simple and attainable, with table decor and props you might already have around the house at this time of year. Hope you like the ideas + FREE New Year's Eve Resolution Cards!

New Year's Eve Party Styling and Printables

For this Glam New Year's Eve Party Printables Collection, I wanted something not only festive but also sparkly and full of vibrant touches to convey the celebratory spirit of this holiday. I opted for teal, fuchsia and purple to add a touch of festive glam!

Off course, the obligatory champagne flutes and clocks about to strike midnight, also feature in the printable designs, and I used the throughout the styling of the party table -To embellish pink-champagne bottles, a picture frame, and also to create a fun and super easy hanging backdrop for my table: Glue the printable clock icons from various sizes, onto sparkly ribbon using hot glue or double-sided tape. then hand the ribbons from the ceiling using little hooks or push-pins.

The table centerpiece was really easy: Simply stack baubles of different sizes borrowed from your Christmas decor onto a cake stand using double-sided tape. Fill gaps in between baubles with flowers (I used fake, so no need for floral foam!) and sparkly Styrofoam balls or confetti.

Mini Printable New Year Banners were used to embellish my fuchsia candle-sticks, but could also be used to decorate a cake or stack of mini cupcakes!

A simple wrapping paper runner was placed atop a stain-proof teal tablecloth - Very handy, practical and inexpensive too. The appetizers and canapes were served onto mirrored tiles, which I purchased from my local hardware store! When the candles are lit, the shine on them is just so cool and add to the whole glam look, without costing a fortune! ;)

New Year's Eve Party Food and Drinks

For New Year's I like to keep it simple-stupid - Dressing up store bought pastry cases, crackers and mini cakes and gateaux, adding my own little touches here and there. For this cocktail party I created a mix of savory and sweet to appeal to both adults and kids. A couple of simple ideas to match the color palette of the party, and that you can assemble in advance of the party: Mini Pavlovas and Herb-Cheese and Beetroot Crisps. (Recipes coming soon).

Tipple of choice off course, is Pink champagne! The bottles are adorned with printable bottle wrappers and icon embellishments in-keeping with the party look. The small bottles are so adorable displayed randomly on the table, but also make for fun party favors!

The champagne flutes from Casa also match the color palette beautifully and help reflect the light! They were embellished with printable party tags, to serve as glass markers - Something of a necessity to make sure guests know which glass is theirs!

To add a touch of fun and color to your drinks, simply squeeze a half pomegranate onto each glass and top with champagne - Sweet and delicious!

New Year Party Favors and Games

For party favors, I thought it would really be fun to have a little "Sparkling Kit" for each guest to open at midnight. I purchased mini glittered boxes and filled them with homemade confetti boxes (made from wrapping match boxes with printable paper and filled with confetti stars), party blowers, sparklers, a paper fortune cookie (made from the printables) and some fun New Year's Resolution Cards and wrapped mini pencils.

The resolution card idea came from here, and I thought is would be a really fun guessing game to play with guests after the clock struck midnight: Simply let guests fill the cards and place them into a hat. Draw out the cards at random and try guess who wrote what!

I added some extra cards in there, and you can Download yours FREE here. For the pencils, I cut large regular pencils to size using a pair of garden secateurs, then simply wrapped them with printable scrapbook papers using double-sided tape.

The idea of the fortune cookies came from my husband! BUT I really wanted to showcase the versatility of the printables, so decided to have fortune cookies made out of paper instead (Tutorial coming tomorrow). I also did not want to be responsible for predicting people's fortunes, so I added New Year Best Wishes inside each one instead.  

So there you have it - A Glam New Year's Party without the fuss!
What about you? I'd love to hear what you have planned for your New Year's Eve celebrations! :)

Party Credits:

* Styling, Food and Photography: Bird's Party
* New Year's Eve Glam Printables: Bird's Party
* Champagne Flutes and Glitter Boxes: Casa
* Craft Matchboxes: Cultura

Click here to get our complete Glam New Year's Eve Printables Kit (including editable invites, editable buffet cards and over 20 pages of printable party templates) for only $9.99!!!

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