December 28, 2012

New Year's Eve Party Ideas: Paper Fortune Cookies + FREEBIES!

Following on from yesterday's New Year's Eve party post, here's a simple and super fun tutorial on how to make Paper Fortune Cookies!

I made these as party favors with best wishes for the New Year inside each, instead of the traditional fortunes - Did not want to be responsible for predicting people's futures! ;)

Check out the step-by-step tutorial below + how to download your FREE New Year's Fortunes to use inside your very own cookies!

These are so easy to make and would also be fabulous in a Chinese New Year Party, don't you think?!  

Materials Needed:

* 4" Printable Party Tags (I used the ones from our New Year Printables)
* White Cardstock
* Scissors
* Cookie Fortunes - Download yours FREE here
* Hot Glue or double-sided tape

How to Make your Paper Fortune Cookies:

1) Print the 4" New Year party tags onto the white cardstock and cut. Make a small crease onto one of the circles, with printed side facing inwards

2) Open the circle, then fold at 90 degrees to the first crease, this time with printed side facing out.

3) Insert your New Year Fortunes inside each 'cookie'.

4) Then press gently with your finger on the crease made at step 1, whilst pulling the ends towards the center to create your cookie. Secure in place with hot glue or double-sided tape.

Get easier the more you make! The possibilities are endless with the kind of paper or sizes you choose.
I loved making these so much that I'm thinking a Valentine's one with love notes inside might also be adorable! ♥

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