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Rudolph Holiday Party | Cute Food Recipes for Kids

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Rudolph Holiday Party | Cute Food Recipes for Kids  -

I LOVE thinking of new, special ways to make food fun for my children. It makes the food taste better somehow. Yes, honestly! :)

Here are a few really fun, easy to make and super cute Rudolph Inspired Recipes that I came up with for this photo shoot styled HGTV.

Rudolph Gingerbread Cookies

Rudolph Gingerbread Cookies Recipe -

Sadly my cookie vendor fell through at the last minute, and I couldn't get a replacement in time, so had to improvise! I used my usual gingerbread cookie recipe to match the brown color of Rudolph's fur. 

Had no reindeer cookie cutter either, so improvised again - I printed the rudolph designs onto white card-stock then onto a less sticky parchment paper, and used the tip of a sharp knife to cut out the cookies. They were large cookies, so it wasn't too fiddly. I neatened the edges with my fingers and baked as usual. 

Must say, I thought is was quite a new thing to use a card template to cut cookies ;)

Rudolph Gingerbread Cookies Recipe -

To inject some color into the cookies, I opted for using candy melts instead of the usual sugar cookie icing ('cause I can't decorate sugar cookies to save my life, and this was no time to learn a new skill from scratch!). 

This was also super fun as I got my little ones involved - We literally painting on the features with the candy melts and a little kitchen brush. To finish it off, we tied a ribbon 'scarf' to the neck and sprinkled with edible glitter. Oh, I also drew the eyes with edible ink pen.

Rudolph Cake Pops

Rudolph Chcocolate Cake Pops Recipe -

Just LOVE cake pops. Great thing to do with cakes that haven't quite turned out how we hoped! ;)

Follow detailed direction on the recipe here.

Rudolph Chocolate Cake Pops Recipe -

DIY Rudolph Cupcakes

Rudolph Chocolate DIY Cupcakes Recipe -

This one realy is one for the kids - You simply provide all the ingredients and let the little ones create their own party masterpieces! I made one as an example using glacé cherries, Amaretti biscuits, mini marshmallows and pretzels.

Kids love playing with heir food, so they will be right at home! ;)
If you don't have fondue to hand, simply use Nutella instead as quick frosting!

Flying Reindeer Cupcakes

Rudolph Chocolate DIY Cupcakes Recipe -

This ideas is so simple! To emulate the flying action of the little deer, simply elevate your cupcake toppers to new heights - literally! I used long lollipops sticks and covered them with the striped straws. Any chocolate frosting sprinkled with dry coconut flakes will make it look like it's been snowing! :)

What about you? Do you have any reindeer inspired party tricks up your sleeve?  Leave the link in the comment so we can see!! :) 

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  1. This is just absolutely adorable. I have everything ready to go to make some Reindeer cake pops and time has just got away from me. Seeing this post tho, has given me the kick start I needed. I need cute Reindeer Cake Great job!!

    1. Oh so glad!! They really take no time at all. I used store-bought pound cake for the base. The rest I had at home. get the kids involved and make an faternon of it for added fun! ;D

  2. Cake pops are awesome. Even i have arranged my grand daughter's birthday party next week with party princess. I am definitely going to try these cake pops for the party.

  3. I stumbled on this article whilst looking for Christmas ideas for the kids. I'm so glad I did, some really great ideas here, I love the DIY Rudolph Cupcakes! I know the kids will love them too!


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