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Paint My Party: NEON Party Ideas

Friday, July 12, 2013C Riches

A party blogger's life dances to the tune of seasons and holidays. Much like a fashion designer, we have to channel the latest trends in the party-o-sphere and be seasons ahead for any blog content, designs and styled parties. Christmas is done in May and Summer in December. Yes, crazy but that's how we roll! ;)

Anyways, as I prepare for a full end of year calender during summer, I thought it would be really cool to share some inspiring festive content with you. So I've planned a few structured and totally NEW blogging series for the summer!! Starting with today's Paint My Party where I tackle some of our fave color palettes and/or give you inspiration on popular designs each week, to help inspire your next bash!

Today's paint color is NEON - Bright, fun, and totally in your face! I've seen this palette used on birthday parties, wedding and luncheons, so really there's no occasion that won't benefit from a little neon glow. Used sparingly or as accents, together with whites or blacks; it can look really classy and fresh too, so no need to be shy! ;)

You'l also find all the ideas shared and tons more on our Pinterest boards here and here.

Image sources:

* Neon Balloon with Tassel (link unknown)

I hope you enjoy the series, and please let me know in the comments if you have any color combos you'd like me to tackle for next week? Think of it a free design service! ;)

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