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Very Last Minute 4th of July Ideas: Food, Table Styling and Decor

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If you're still looking for those very last minute ideas, then I've put together a little inspiration that might help - All the ideas are super easy and quick to make so you still have time to get busy-ish (scout's honor) and sure to wow your family and friends. No one needs to know it was easy, right?! ;)

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* Table centerpieces don't come much easier than this! Arrange flowers loosely in a blue vase (or tint the water color with food coloring!). Place a festive flag in each vase to complete the festive look - Get your printable flags here.

* Wall and hanging decor is a must - Paper fans and rosettes add the wow factor effortlessly. Available at most party supplies stores like Oriental Trading. Celebrations at Home shows us how it's done.

* Cupcakes decorated with colored M&Ms - How easy is that?! Bake a batch or embellish store-bought cupcakes. Smear with frosting (or sweetened cream cheese) and top with your red, white and blue candy. Easy enough so kids can also help! ;)

* Let's not forget the hostess! No need to go to a fancy-dress store though. Simply raid your closet and mix up those summer basics for a stylish, yet comfy ensemble - A Nautical or Riviera Chic look is easy to pull together. Add bangles for extra sparkle.

* Sparklers - Mustn't forget the sparklers! Fun to be had by all, and make great photo props. Most supermarket carry them. (photo source unknown)

* It's all in the arrangement - These sweet party favors are quick to put together and have that extra patriotic touch if you arrange them like a flag. Easy and effective!

* Table setting: Fold a place map on itself to create a little pocket where to add the flatware. Arrange  plate on top to weigh it down (a tea towel would work too). Tie the lot with a festive bow, and Ta-Dah! Instant cuteness.

* Shortbread Bar: Great idea to get guests interacting! Plus, it's so much more fun for all - You simply provide the accessories and shortbread cookies, pound cake cut up into stars or puff-pastry stars (use a star cookie cutter) and your guests get busy assembling their own!

* Layered 4th of July Drink: Pretty drink served up in mason jars, decorated with printable tags. Tags here.

* Easy Refreshments: Make a batch of Strawberry, Apple and Lemon Sangria and decant into large containers so guests can help themselves throughout the day!

I hope you enjoy the ideas, and whatever you do; have a fabulous and sparkly Independence Day!! ♥

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