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DIY Tea Cup Scented Candles Tutorial

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DIY Tea Cup Scented Candles Tutorial -

You probably have seen the cute tea candles I used in the latest wedding story for HGTV here. So today I thought I'd share the tutorial step-by-step on how I made those.

I used melt-and-pour wax, which makes for a super simple process, and anyone can do it (NOT for kids though, as it involves hot wax!)

The process is exactly the same as this one. Except that I used vintage tea cups (from flea market) instead of yogurt pots.

DIY Tea Cup Scented Candles

Materials Needed:

Melt and pour candle wax (from most craft supply stores or candle suppliers online)
* Candle wicks with metal base (from most craft supply stores or candle suppliers online)
* Wooden spoon and large heat-proof pot
* BBQ skewers
* Sticky tape

DIY Tea Cup Scented Candles Tutorial -


1) First melt the candle according to packet instructions. 

2) My melt-and-pour wax came in a plastic bag, so I melted it in a pan of water and used a wooden spoon to prop the bag in place so I could lift it from the water safely and shake it from time to time to help melt the wax (without burning myself) - BUT ALWAYS read your packet instructions first, as they may vary! The wax will go from white to translucent when fully melted. 

3) Whilst wax is melting, fit each tea cup with a candle wick. Secure the wick in place with a bit of sticky tape and a couple of BBQ skewers. I didn't use any fragrance as these were meant to be placed on dinner tables. But now's the time to add your coloring and fave fragrance to the melted wax if you wish.

4) Pour into each tea cup, carefully. Let dry before trimming the wick and lighting.


* These also make the perfect handmade gift for any occasion! 
* You can vary the container too, think empty food cans, orange or citrus fruit peel, sea shells, walnuts shells, cake pans, etc

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  1. Love your candles and the cups are so elegant.have been collecting cups but did not know how to make candles.Thanks for sharing,I will PIN for later


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