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DIY Gumpaste Mistletoe for Cake Decoration

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DIY Gumpaste Mistletoe for Christmas Cake Decoration - via
This Gumpaste Mistletoe tutorial is from our fabulously talented guest contributor Shaile!! Isn't this perfect as a cake topper for Christmas Yule log?! We can't get the mistletoe where I live, for love nor cupcakes. So this version made with gumpaste is just what I've been looking for!  
Shaile is a professional sugar artist, so she has listed all the proper equipment used and vendors. But don't be alarmed by the list of tools needed! As you'll see from the images, it's not at all complicated, and you can get away with using whatever you've got to hand in your kitchen to mark the leaves and roll out the gumpaste.
The technique could also work with fondant, so don't be afraid to experiment! ;)

How To Make a DIY Gumpaste Mistletoe 

DIY Gumpaste Mistletoe for Christmas Cake Decoration - via
Making the Mistletoe Berries

1. Cut 28g wire into about 1” lengths
2. Roll white gumpaste into very small balls of various sizes
3. Insert wire dipped in egg white into one end. Push it through to extend out other side slightly
4. Allow to dry. Trim off excess wire leaving just a bit to show
5. Dust the bottom lightly with lime green petal dust
6. Dust the entire berry with white luster dust to add shimmer

DIY Gumpaste Mistletoe for Christmas Cake Decoration - via
Making the Mistletoe Buds

7. Cut 28g wire into about 2” lengths
8. Take a very small piece of green gumpaste roll into a pointed teardrop
9. Insert wire hooked over dipped in egg white into wide end 
10. Using small  scissors clip each side of the tip to create an opening bud
11. Allow to dry. Using green floral tape, tape the wire
12. Petal dust the buds with moss green

DIY Gumpaste Mistletoe for Christmas Cake Decoration - via
Making the Mistletoe Leaves

13. Cut 28g wire into about 3” lengths
14. Roll a small piece of gumpaste about the size of a pea into an oval shape
15. Insert wire into one end about ½ way in, lay on rolling board and roll it out fairly thin
16. Cut out leaf shape with cutter or freehand it using an exacto knife or cutting wheel
17. OPTIONAL:! If adding texture, do that now with a veiner or silk veining tool
18. Add a central vein down the center with a pointed tool. Be sure not to push too hard and cut the paste
19. Place on soft pad and soften the edges which also gives some shape to the leaves
20. Pinch from the back so the central vein shows nicely
21. Shaping the leaves to give movement and allow to dry.
22. Dust the tops of the leaves only. Use lime green along some of the edges.  Dust the rest of the leaf with moss green. 

DIY Gumpaste Mistletoe for Christmas Cake Decoration - via
Assembling the Mistletoe

23. Cut long lengths of 20g wire to create the branches
24. Tape a bud to the tip of the wire
25. Tape a pair of leaves just below the bud
26. Tape a small group of white berries just below the leaves. Tape one on and wrap around once then add another berry.
27. Make several in this way
28. Tape 2 or 3 of these branches to a main heavier wire 20g  to create a small bunch 
29. Steam to set the color -  Hold over the kettle at least 12” up and rotate just for a few seconds. If held to long the petal will get soft and the color will look wet.

Supplies Needed:

Michaels is a good source to find many of the items needed to make the mistletoe!
* Gumpaste - white and green 
* Egg white - to glue pieces together
* Crisco - tiny amount to knead into gumpaste if it is becoming too dry
* Cornstarch - small amount for work surface if gumpaste is sticking while rolling it out
* Large rolling pin to roll out the gumpaste (I used Celpin brand)
* Small rolling pin or ball tool to soften the edges (I used Celpin brand)
* Firm board to roll gumpaste on (I used Celpin brand)
* Firm foam pad to soften the leaf edges  (I used Celpad brand) 
* A tool or back of knife with a dull edge to mark central veins and other lines (I used Dresden Tool)
* Floral wire - gages 28, 26, and 20 to wire the petals and leaves plus wiring the arrangement together
* Plain leaf shape cutter or exacto knife or cutting wheel.  From 1” to 2” long
* OPTIONAL: Flower veiner.  A multipurpose veiner will be fine, or skip this step altogether.
* Petal Dust - lime green and white luster dust or similar
* Floral Tape - green
* Sharp pointed scissors to cut buds
* Drying tray - apple or avocado trays or dimpled foam works well.
* Paint brushes flat works best
* Tea kettle- steam the flowers to set the color. 
Global Sugar Art is one online shop where you can purchase many specialty tools  as used int his tutorial:
* Celboard - Board to roll out gumpaste
* Celpad - The foam pad to soften the petals
* Celstick - The rolling pins. They come in different sizes
* Cutters - Petals and leaves
* Veiners - To add texture to the petals and leaves.  There are many varieties and brands from one sided to double sided. 
* Floral Wire - different sizes 26g to 18g. The larger the number the thinner the wire
* Petal Dust- A dusting powder to add the colors. There are many colors to choose from 
* Dresden Tool to mark central veins and lines in the gumpaste

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