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Sealed with a Glittered Kiss: DIY Valentine's Day Hair Accessory

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Did you know you can make just about anything your little heart desires, using party printables? Yep! Take a look at this glittered (!!) lip-shaped hair clip I made for my daughter. Don't you just love it? I also made a grown-up version for me. Because I'm worth it ;)

It would be so cute as part of a Valentine's party frock, or a cute fashion accessory to give to your BFFs. Plus, the fact it's super easy to make and quick too, would make a great non-candy party favor! What's not to ♥?! 

Full tutorial below.

DIY Glittered Valentine's Day Hair Accessory


Printable lip-shaped printable cut-outs
* White cardstock
* Red glitter
* Craft glue
* Hot glue
* Paintbrush
* 'Crocodile' hair clips (red ones to match are best)
* Scissors, craft knife and cutting mat
* OPTIONAL: For gifts, package the clips into a cute card and goodie bag


1) Print out the lips design cut-outs onto white card stock and trim with scissors. Then using a craft knife and cutting mat, carefully cut out the center of each design.

2) Apply a thin layer of glue on each cut-out lip using a paintbrush. Sprinkle glitter on liberally to coat it all.
Let it dry. You may want to repeat this process if you find the glitter is not enough. Just gently dab the dry layer of glitter with more glue once dry, and add more glitter. In my book there's no such thing as "too much glitter" ;)

3) Hot glue the dry 'lips' onto a hair clip using hot glue. Hide the hot glue with a little piece of red felt on the back if you wish. I didn't bother.

4) If giving these out as party favors at your Valentine's day bash or cute gifts, insert the clips onto a card and place the card into a cute goodie bag. I embellished my bags with cute printables to match!

Party Credits:

Styling and photography: Bird
Hearts Valentine's Printables: Bird's Party
Goodie Bags: Bird's Party

♥ Stay tuned 'cause we're sharing these cards as FREEBIES 
for you to download on Saturday! ♥

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and party supplies used in this project

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