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TUTORIAL: Quick & Easy DIY Lace Candles

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My love affair with candles started when I was 14. We had to make crafty thing to sell at the school Christmas bazaar, and a candle-making workshop was where it all kicked off. Since then, I try to make my own if I can, like this one here and here.
But making candles from scratch is not always I cheat a little by embellishing the candle holder itself. With a little imagination, anyone can create really amazing bespoke candles. And no, you do not need to be a seasoned crafter either! ;)

These lace wrapped candles are super quick to make and look fabulous as a centerpiece to any table. I'm thinking it would look awesome glowing on a porch, mantelpiece or used as wedding centerpieces?!
I like varying the lace texture, pattern and heights, and grouping them together for maximum effect. Here's the how-to:

DIY Lace Candles

Materials Needed:
* Lace scraps
* Empty glass jars or pots
* Hot glue gun

Measure piece of lace to fit around your glass container, and cut. You could then sew the edges together, but I find hot-glue is extra speedy. So add a couple of tiny dots to the edges to secure the lace around the glass. Add a votive candle inside and you're done!

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