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5 Chilled Out End of Summer Party Ideas

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end of summer party cinema
Just because summer is ending, doesn't mean we have to wait until the next Holiday to celebrate. Any excuse for a party, you say?! Too right! In my book you can never have too many parties!
But I also don't want anything fussy or formal. So Pinterest has come to the rescue once again. Here are my top 5 fave ideas to make the best of those last days of summer sunshine and warmth, and frankly; to just chill out in good company!
end of summer party cookout BBQ
end of summer party luncheon
end of summer party alfresco dinning
end of summer party beach picnic

End of Summer Party Ideas: 

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An Outdoor Cinema is a great way to entertain a crowd on those late summer evenings. Throw in some fancy dress attire and a popcorn bar for an easy, but totally cool end of summer party idea!
One Last Cookout? Yes, please! Let's make the most of the warm weather before we start thinking mulled wine and stuffing, shall we?!
Making the most of the summer produce with a Summer Bounty Luncheon. Chilled and relaxed, maybe even cooking together!
Speaking of chilled out, some ideas from this Summer in Provence Party totally ooze a relaxed vibe, and rhyme with end of summer celebrations. perfect for outdoors dinning. Plus, helps keep the sunshine on our tables with bold colors!
We always take a late summer vacay in our home, and I totally plan to make the most of my end of summer with as many Beach Picnics as possible! And this one has is ticking all the boxes! 
What about you? How would you celebrate your end of summer? Share in comments!

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