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Pesto, Tomato & Feta Brunch Tart Recipe

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Pesto, Tomato & Feta Brunch Tart Recipe -

As promised in my last post, today I'm sharing a recipe for your Easter Brunch today that's super easy, quick and delicious!

The beauty is that it can be made the night before, and baked just before brunch on Sunday. Perfect served cold too for Spring and summer picnics!

Pesto, Tomato & Feta Brunch Tart Recipe -

Brunch Ideas: Super Easy Pesto & Feta Tart Recipe

I make my own pesto for this recipe, which tastes a million times better than stuff from  a jar.
But I cheat a little, and ain't afraid to say it! 

When I don't have fresh basil, I use frozen, chopped basil - I get a much finer chop than if i were to chop by hand, and it cuts my prepping time significantly!

Frozen veg and herbs are frozen just after picking, which means they retain their vitamins better. Plus, they are more practical, quicker and can be less expensive too. And of course, they last longer, so it's a time-life-saver for busy gals ;)

The pastry is also store-bought, best quality you can afford, butter puff pastry. You can't got wrong!

Ingredients - serves 4

Homemade Pesto Recipe:

* 1 cup of basil leaves chopped fresh or frozen
* 3 tab spoons of olive oil extra virgin
* 2 cloves of garlic (I used frozen too)
* Juice of half a lemon
* 2 heaped tablespoons of Parmesan cheese grated
* 1 tablespoons of pine nuts.
* Salt and pepper

For the Tart:

* Puff pastry roll
* 2 table spoons of Pesto (homemade)
* 2 large tomatoes sliced thinly
* 2 table spoons of chopped sun-dried tomatoes
* 100 - 200 g or 7 oz of crumbled feta cheese
* Salt and pepper to taste


1) For the pesto, I simply bash all the dry ingredients with a pestle and mortar, and lemon juice, then add olive oil until I get a thick paste. Takes 2 minutes since the basil is already chopped. Make sure to crush the garlic well. Season to taste.

Add more olive oil of Parmesan cheese depending on consistency, to get a thick paste.
You can keep any left over in a sealed jar in your fridge for up to 1 week. Or freeze it into ice cube trays and use for pasta, sandwiches..

Pine nuts are optional here too. I have made without, and it tastes just as nice.

Pesto, Tomato & Feta Brunch Tart Recipe -

2) Pre-heat Oven to 200 deg C or 392 F. Line a round pastry dish with the puff pastry. Keep the grease proof paper in if if come with it.

Pesto, Tomato & Feta Brunch Tart Recipe -

2) Spread 2 tablespoons of pesto onto the base.

Pesto, Tomato & Feta Brunch Tart Recipe -

3) Arrange tomato slices on top, overlapping for a pretty pattern. Season with salt and pepper.

Pesto, Tomato & Feta Brunch Tart Recipe -

4) Turn oven temp down and bake at 180 deg C or 356 F for 30 minute until golden brown and tomatoes have dried a little and begun to caramelize.

Pesto, Tomato & Feta Brunch Tart Recipe -

5) Sprinkle feta and sun-dried tomatoes on top and return to oven for another 5-10 minutes to finish baking.

Pesto, Tomato & Feta Brunch Tart Recipe -

You can totally blind-bake the pastry before adding the pesto for about 10 minutes, so the bottom on the tart is nice and crispy.

But my husband told me "not to change a thing", and that he likes "a slightly saggy bottom".
Luck me?! ;p

This tart is best served lukewarm with some salad or sauteed asparagus on the side.
Hope you give it a go, 'cause it really is yum!

Wishing you and yours a peaceful and Happy Easter weekend! ♥

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