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DIY Origami Paper Christmas Trees

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DIY Origami Paper Christmas Trees Craft Tutorial -

When it comes to creating a table centerpiece (or any decor for that matter) that's original and inexpensive, I turn to paper!

Bonus points if you can re-purpose, re-use or recycle papers you may already have around the home, like I did for my Origami Christmas Trees table centerpiece this year.

DIY Origami Paper Christmas Trees Craft Tutorial -

For this Christmas Tree Origami table decor, I used wall paper, gift wrapping paper and of course, my go-to life-saver - PRINTABLES!

Yes, I love printables so much that they need to be in capitals.

DIY Origami Paper Christmas Trees Craft Tutorial -

Anyways, this is the tutorial I promised you guys.
And I also promise it's mega EASY to make

It takes no time at all to perfect it, and once you start, you'll wanna origami-fy any piece of paper. Trust!

My kids and I made a bunch of these in an afternoon of crafting and they LOVED it!
Again, with capital letters.

DIY Origami Paper Christmas Trees Craft Tutorial -

So you see, this DIY craft also doubles as a great way to entertain yourself and/or kids during the Holidays. It could well be a tradition we start in our home - It's that much FUN!

Oh, and can we take a moment to appreciate how cute those glittery gold stars on top of the trees are?! Glitter rules!

DIY Origami Paper Christmas Trees Craft Tutorial -

You leave the trees without any decor on top; or hot glue the tops with foam, glittery stars (from any craft store). Or even mini pompoms made with glittery yarn!

DIY Origami Paper Christmas Trees Tutorial

Check out the festive DIY video I made for ya!
It's easier and quicker than if I try to explain in words...

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  1. Thank you for this great tutorial. I was in need of a unique centerpiece for a Holiday Party of 120 people. I made these in an hour in a half for 18 tables, put them on a mirror on the table and placed miniature bells all around them. Everyone loved them and wanted to know how to make them. I directed here and told them what a nice video you had on how to make them.

    1. Thanks so much for the fab feedback, P Gaff! Would LOVE to see your photos ;) So glad you were able to create something easily! They are totally my fave centerpiece to date also :)

  2. OMG, these are so ADORABLE! I can totally see myself becoming obsessed the way I did when I learned how to make pom poms lol. I can't wait to make these with my daughter! Pinning, thanks for sharing! Oh, and subscribing too ;)
    Erica @

  3. WOW! Un'idea bellissima, complimenti.
    Mariangela & Elena

  4. These trees look so cute grouped together like that, and I like the papers you chose. Thank you for sharing at The Crafty Corner link party xo


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