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DIY Geometric Himmeli Party Decor

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DIY Geometric Himmeli Party Decor -

We're now stocking oh-so-pretty gold foil party straws in the shop, and apart from their obvious function as drink straws, they also make oh-so-pretty geometric decorations for our party tables, party backdrops or as hanging decor to embellish any party or home space. 

And since wedding season is here, I decided to craft a few simple decor pieces to show you how versatile they are as a party prop! ;)

DIY Geometric Himmeli Party Decor -

Let's also take a moment to appreciate how inexpensive and above all, how much FUN this type of DIY decor is!! :)

I used one one pack of 25 gold paper straws to create all three of these Himmeli geometric shapes for my table decor, AND I still had a few straws left over at the end of the project!

DIY Geometric Himmeli Party Decor -

I love how shiny they are and can't wait to make some more of these Himmeli geometric with other colored straws, like our gold foil polka dots straws!

DIY Geometric Himmeli Party Decor -

DIY Geometric Himmeli Party Decor with Gold Foil Straws


* thin gold craft wire (I used 0.4 mm thick)
* wire cutters
* scissors
* string or twine for hanging (optional)


DIY Geometric Himmeli Party Decor -

DIY Diamond Himmeli Hanging Decor

1) For the diamond shaped Himmeli hanging decor you'll need 4 full sized straws  (4 long straws) + 4 straws cut in half lengthwise (so you get 8 short straws). 

Thread the wire through 4 pieces of shorter straws, then bend the wire to form a square base. Tie the ends together to close the square.

2) Insert two more short straws into the long wire (leave the short wire loose until the end). 

CRAFTY TIP: If needed, tie extra wire to the end of the long wire to increase its length as shown in above, making sure to twist the two wires really well together. And don't worry, the wires will be hidden.

3) Bend the wire over the square to form a triangle shape, and loop a couple of times in one of the corners of the square base to secure it. 

4) Now pass the long wire inside one of the straws to the opposite corner, and insert two more short straws. Bend the wire over the first triangle and loop the wire a couple of times again in the middle and on the opposite corner of the square base.

DIY Geometric Himmeli Party Decor -

5) Insert a long straw into the long wire.

6) Bend the wire over as shown and insert a second long straw. Loop in one of the square base corners to secure in place.

7) Pass the wire through the top short straw, then insert a third long straw.

8) Insert another long straw and bend over to the last corner of the square base. Loop the wire twice again to secure.

Pass the remaining wire through the opposite straw to meet the short wire from step 1. Twist the wires together to close your geometric diamond shape. Cut the wires shorter and hide the ends back into one of the straws.

You can now use your shapes as decorative hanging decor, mobiles, plant holders etc.

DIY Geometric Himmeli Party Decor -

DIY Geometric Himmeli Party Decor -

CRAFTY TIP: You can make this diamond shape any size by varying the lengths of your straws. So for a smaller version, you'll need 2 straws cut in half (so you get 4 long straws) + 2 straws cut into two inch pieces (so you get 8 short straws). Then just repeat steps above to make your smaller Himmeli shape.

DIY Geometric Himmeli Party Decor -

Once you've made a diamond shape, then you'll feel more familiar with the process and may want to try creating more elaborate shapes like the hexagon Himmeli candles holders below.

DIY Geometric Himmeli Party Decor -

DIY Hexagon Himmeli Candle Holder

1) The goal here is to make a row of pentagons all around a hexagonal base, followed by a row of hexagons, then another row of pentagons with a last hexagon as the opening

You'll then need straws of the same length. It's up to you what length you choose, but for a small candle holder, I used 3 cm (1 inch) pieces and started with a hexagonal base.

2) Proceed as above to create your shapes - insert wire through straws, bend, loop to secure in place, repeat... For the pentagon, use 4 wires and secure above the hexagonal base.

3) Close the wires by looping as before. 

4) Continue to form a row of pentagons all around the side of hexagonal base.

DIY Geometric Himmeli Party Decor -

5) Now proceed to make a row of hexagons above the first row of pentagons.

6) Continue to form a row of hexagons all around.

7) Now finish with a row of pentagons above the hexagon row. You'll need only 3 straw pieces for each.

8) Finish with a hexagon as the opening of the candle holder.

DIY Geometric Himmeli Party Decor -

PS - Since we're using paper straws (which can be flammable) I suggest you use this piece with an LED candle or flameless candles only. It would also be super cute as decorative object around the home or as a small bud vase for table flowers!

DIY Geometric Himmeli Party Decor -

Hope you like the ideas! 
For more wedding and party decor, check out our party DIYs here.

DIY Geometric Himmeli Party Decor - Party Credits

* party styling and photos: Bird

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