October 17, 2010

My Children's Birthday: Joint Birthday Party in The Garden!

I have been meaning to post these photos for a loooong time now, but so many things have happened since the party (back in September) including a computer break down...that I only got the chance now!

Choosing the theme was quite tricky, as both my children were born on the same day, two years apart (and are NOT twins btw..), and both like different things. 

As September is quite warm over these parts, we wanted to have a garden party, literally in the garden. My only concern was not making it too girly for my son, but girly enough for my daughter...So we decided to go with Frogs and Butterflies, to help tie in with the whole Party in The Garden theme.

The colour palette was green and pink, and I wanted to have two mini parties in one. The idea was unusual, but it came to me because I wanted the children to each have their own mini-celebration, independent of each other - Their own special, party corner if you like! :)

To do that I decided to use gingham as a tablecloth, and I sewed it with pink gingham fabric on one side and green gingham on the other. The gingham not only helped to divide the table, but also helped to keep the theme harmonious at the same time.

We set the main dessert table in front of a old stoned-wall that has a wooden trellis and green shrubs growing on it, to act as the table backdrop. I think it looked quite rustic and gave a "real" garden sense to the table, plus it cost nothing to make! :)

Toy frogs and cute butterflies borrowed from my children's bedrooms, as well as printable party-ware (banner, cupcake toppers, napkin rings etc) from shop, helped to set the scene. I also used mini wooden wheelbarrows I found at my dollar store ages ago, to display food,  homemade lollipops and party napkins and cutlery.

I love to be able to get stuck in as much as I can for my any of my parties, and tried to make a lot of the party décor, party crafts, favors and sweet treats myself - From the design of the  party printables off course (that you can find here), decorated cookies, to the cupcakes, tablecloth, sugar lollipops and the table centerpiece that I re-purposed from my Easter décor

The entrance gates and garden fences were decorated with pink and green balloons to welcome the guests, as well as these cute flower balloon arrangements that I found on Martha Stewart! Aren't they cute? Super easy to make too!

The food included the usual suspects: homemade cupcakes decorated with royal pink icing and frog cupcakes decorated with marzipan (tutorials coming soon), pizza and quiche Lorraine (both from local baker's), as well as sweet treats like homemade chocolate-dipped marshmallows, meringues and candy galore - All in the colors of the party off course! :)

For drinks we had fruit juices, and grenadine and mint sirops (pink and green cordial) that were served with cute decorated straws!

Eventually, I'll share all my tutorials with you, such as the candy topiary that you can see on the photo, as well as the recipes for my super yummy chocolate pots! The idea here was to make them look like little flower pots with dirt (chocolate sprinkles or crushed oreos) in them. They were a big hit with the kids and adults alike!

For the party activities we had a frog pinata that I got online from the UK, good old musical chairs and arts and crafts. I made some butterfly and frog masks from craft foam, and the children had a lot of fun decorating them with glitter, beads and foamy shapes. Again, I'll make the templates available for you to download very soon...

Favors included candy bags, toy gardening kits and butterfly hair accessories for the girls. Each guest took home a little brown bag full of goodies and homemade treats! :)

My sister came down from London for the occasion, and was a HUGE help! So much so, that I'm planning to hire her to manage Bird's Party UK headquarters. Without her support and my sweet husband by my side (who turned out to be a great DJ too...), this party would not have been possible!


All in all, we were all knackered by the end of it,  there are always things I could have done better or I was not totally happy with, but we had a lot of fun, great laughs, and the children really enjoyed themselves as you can see from the photos...And that's what really matters at the end of the day, isn't it?! :)

Now that I've got the photos sorted, I'll be posting the tutorials for the party crafts and recipes real soon, so make sure you come back, k?! :)

Thanks for stopping and have a great week!

Party Credits:

Party styling and printable party ware: Bird's Party
Frog Pinata: Partyrama
Stripped Straws: Hey YoYo
Candy Jars: Jardiland and Casa
Home-made decorated butterfly and frog cookies (here)
Home-made chocolate-covered marshmallows (here)
Home-made sugar lollipops (here). 
Photography: Moi :)

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