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A Rainbow 7th Birthday Party

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Rainbow Birthday Party Printables and Ideas - via

Today's beautifully colorful Rainbow Birthday Party was sent to us by the talented Kimberly from the events company The Curly Girls, who styled our Rainbow themed party printables for her daughter, Yvonne's 7th Birthday!

Here's what Kimberly had to say about their special day:

Rainbow Birthday Party Printables - via
Rainbow Birthday Party desserts table styling - via
Rainbow Birthday Party desserts - via
Rainbow Birthday Party cupcakes - via
Rainbow Birthday Party Cake - via
Rainbow Birthday Party Desserts Tables - via
Rainbow Birthday Party DIY Decor A Rainbow 7th Birthday Party - via
Rainbow Birthday Party Games A Rainbow 7th Birthday Party - via

Rainbow Birthday Party: Rainbow Printables Birthday Invites 

My daughter, Yvonne, drew her rainbow invitation and we made color copies of her drawing for the invite then put the info on the back - it isn't the perfect looking invite, but I thought it was cute and loved that she created it. The wording is "Yvonne's birthday" across the top and then "rainbows make me smile" (on the side).

Rainbow Birthday Party: Party Favors

The Favor bags contained Rainbow wands and packs of sidewalk chalk in rainbow colors, embellished with Birds' Party favor tags and cupcake toppers.

Rainbow Birthday Party: Desserts Table

The day of the party it was Super windy, hence the "blowing" off stuff in some of the pics. ;) The desserts table was decorated with the printable pennant banner. I had all of the buffet labels made for the desserts table but because it was so windy, I was not able to use them.

Rainbow Birthday Party: Party Games

"Rainbow tag" and "Follow the Rainbow" - both games thought of by my daughter.


Thank you so much Kimberly and Yvonne, for sharing your magical day with us! :)

Rainbow Birthday Party: Party Credits

Party Styling: The Curly Girls
Photography: Leisa Brickert & Carrie Schoenbaum
Over The Rainbow Party Printables: Bird's Party
Rainbow Shirts: Arty Pants Designs
Hair Bows: Chick Pea Hair Bows
Party inspiration: Bird's Party Blog
Rainbow wands inspiration: Kara's Party Ideas

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  1. EXCELLENT Job!!!! And I love she had her daughter do the invites. Good job all around mom ;)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing our party ~ I am honored!!!

  3. WOW Looks soooo great! Love that theme!

  4. Such a pretty party! Perfect for summer.

  5. OMG the rainbow printables look amazing! Love how she did the icing for the cupcakes to match. It just has happy all over it!

  6. Just looking at all the rainbow-colored details made me smile! Lovely job by Mom and the birthday girl!

  7. Thank you all for your sweet comments -- it was a fun party to do and even special it was for my daughter!!

  8. I loved every single detail Kimberly!! thanks you so much for making Bird's Party printables look so cool! :)


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