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TUTORIAL: DIY Rustic Log Pedestal Cake Stand

Friday, May 31, 2013C Riches

As promised in my toadstool marshmallow post last week, I'm sharing today the tutorial on how I made my Rustic Log Cake Stand.

These babies brand new, can set you back at least $30, so making your own is waaaay more cost-effective and of course, totally more fun too! ;)

They are ideal for a woodland birthday party (think Red Riding Hood, Bambi, Vintage Snow White, Camping Party...) but also perfect for those rustic, shabby chic bridal showers and weddings!

You can forage for the parts in a woodland/garden for free, and get a strong man (or woman) with a chain saw to cut them out for you. Sorry, just had to be politically correct there...Anyways, I solicited the help if my hubby to slice a log straight from the fireplace stash to get the parts I needed. 

I am handy with lots of tools, but chainsaw is not one of them. But please feel free to DIY this part if you're a chainsaw Jedi master...

And of course, if a woodland / chainsaw is not readily available, then head to your local hardware store or here.

DIY Rustic Log Cake Stand

Materials Needed:

* Cross-cut log/wood slabs about one and half inch thick (from local hardware stores or here)
* Short log piece, flat at both ends
* Strong wood glue

Clean the saw dust from all pieces using a coarse brush.

Apply Glue to log base and place the slab on top. You can weight it down with a few heavy books if you wish - I didn't bother. Allow to dry before using.

For hygiene purposes, I don't suggest placing your food directly onto the log. Instead, place a piece of parchment paper or think cake board underneath first.

Hope you enjoyed the tute, and feel free to PIN it! ;)

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