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Easy Thanksgiving Table Setting Idea

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If yesterday's post wasn't enough to spark your imagination, then I'll be sharing some more creative ideas all this week, using your FREE Thanksgiving Printable from Bird's Party - From table decor, to desserts embellishments and DIY party favors!!

For this table setting, nothing complicated to worry about. I mean, you've got to cook the turkey, make the gravy, bake the pies, DIY the favors....So simplicity and effortless chic is the key here!

Sources below.

* I used my vintage white dinnerware, and brown linen napkins. Get similar ones below.
* Golden flatware is all the rage at the moment, and Williams-Sonoma have a pretty cool set.
* The rattan chargers were a bargain flea market find for me, but you can get similar ones below. 
* I also used plastic pear spray painted in gold, and votive candles inside mini desserts cups (which just happened to be orange, red and yellow), and sprinkles of gold sequins that helped to add sparkle.
* Simple stemmed glasses are always a must on special occasions. Source below.
* Finish it all off with a faux maple leaf and a little FREE Happy Thanksgiving tag attached to each with a  piece of twine.

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